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    Can anyone advise with regards who pays for what when it comes to the building of our new police station. £21.5 million is I believe, the estimated total cost.I assume costs are split, but between who.


    Mike Davies

    The cost will come out of the North Wales Police budget.


    Council Watcher

    Policing is not developed to the Welsh Government so is funded directly from Westminster to the Police and Crime Commissioner who is responsible for budget management.



    How much would you like to pay?


    David Thomas

    With the tower at bodhyfryd becoming not fit for purpose after a mere 40 years, I wonder with the use of modern building methods what lifespan the new station has, not forgetting the cop shop at the library that ‘replaced’ the art gallery.

    Get your calculator out, running costs, wages, maintenance and upkeep of building and vehicles.

    Not including construction costs who funds the system anyway, and is it value for money?

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    Not including construction costs who funds the system anyway, and is it value for money?

    Google it. There’s plenty of information about all that kind of stuff.


    David Thomas

    It wasn’t my own question it was in relation to the op’ post.

    Googling FOIA about the spending of tax payers money would be a waste of time, would it prove anything?

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