Wrexham's Bus Service still isn't back to normal after 5 months..

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    Sausagemuncher, Muffinman and Pastrylover apart from making my mouth water, you are making a mockery of CWrexham’s points! Apart from knowing jack about the bus industry, he is trying!



    Sorry Dave I didn’t mean muffin by it.



    How dare you. I am making a serious point! the ENVIRO400’s are glorious beings, they move across the earth like shadows, gliding majestically. Carrying weary travellers , near and far.

    Plus that sausage would of been delicious!



    Talking about the Arriva Monopoly, two weeks ago a two singles from ref lion to Marford was £1.40 each and last night it jumped to £2.80 each way! Although I am a big fan of the service the costs are steep!!



    I’m very aware of how the bus industry works and how amendments to routes can help communities whilst bringing in extra income, Arriva did exactly this to the 5 LLANGOLLEN route to reconnect Ruabon to the bus network. People also seem to be ignoring my other point about the buses themselves. 3 Active buses in the Wrexham fleet are from 2001 making them 17 years old at this point, completely unacceptable to have actively running. 32% of the buses at the Wrexham depot are over 10 years old, overall 44% of the Wrexham fleet are over 7 years old. Not to mention, the few stagcoaches that operate here offer Contactless payments and dirt cheap fares, their timetables are simply not frequent enough to produce actual competition, the C56 does admittedly used an outdated optare solo, however, the X9 Stagecoach service operates bus model that blows away every single deck Arriva operating Wrexham: A Stagecoach x9 service operating a moder enviro 200



    (Sorry my image didn’t link properly) Stagecoach x9 Bus

    Overall, what I’m trying to say is that a lack of competition alone is giving Arriva a strong unfair grip on their customers due to their dominance in this market, the amount of routes they could get the contracts for could have been capped to avoid the reality we currently face. As for my issues with the actual buses, Arriva needs to update their buses gradually as some are getting too old and some are far to old to deliver the quality service they claim to have for all consumers. Carbon monoxide and air quality is a big talking point and Arriva has the opportunity to phase their inefficient archaic buses out and introduce hybrid and start/stop technology for single deck buses. Our bus station is being redeveloped so the buses arriving in and out should mirror this change.

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