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    It’s BATED.
    Bated Breath, just saying like.



    Thank you for the correction — my eagerness to make a submission got the better of me!!



    We had a conversation yesterday about how Wrexham needs to change and develop, and because what the Council does is so dominant in the community, the Council has to be one of the main things to change and develop. Boring though it is, we discussed budgets again, and the the two comments from the webcast on Monday that the community is over governed, and that Council debates focus on single budget items, and often do not refer to the whole needs of the community, and a single plan that makes sure money is spent in a balanced way across departments and community needs.

    It still seems to be a very good proposal that there should be a debate, that is webcast, on each of the twelve areas of the budget. This would give Council Members the opportunity to contribute more, which we have seen over the last few months, and the community to understand what each part of the budget is being spent on, and how it will affect the future of the community. Non distributed costs, and other operating expenditure, which amount to many millions pounds of expenditure each year, must be important areas to debate.

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