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    The reporting about the next budget for Wrexham, does not show or suggest that all spending be listed i.e. £230m, that the benefit or outcome be listed against each amount spent, and a ‘new and fresh’ approach and attitude is taken to setting the budget, for 2015/6. This should be done?

    This would be a positive way forward, and may alleviate depressing discussion about cuts. The first question surely, is in a changed world, can we do it differently and with less money.



    I cannot understand a very simple maths issue in respect to the Council and budget cuts;

    If you have to make £45m cuts over 5 years and you start in year one with a £9m cut in Year 1 then over 5 years you have saved the £45m — 5 x 9

    Why then is there another £4m for 2015/16 and then the same in subsequent years?

    Do we all need to go back to school or do the sums these days just dont add upo the same as they did when I was in school.

    Clr King has also made a statement that it will be 10 years before the Council is back to a position we have had over the past 20/30 years– where is this man coming from a) the past is the past and you cant keep going back b) where are all of these millions going to come from c) do the public want everything from the past to be brought back.

    If we have the Lead Finance Member talking like this then we surely must be doomed…



    I am not sure where you get the figure of £4 million from Dylan or how you are able to extrapolate that figure to cover a 5 year period. The reporting by Wrexham.com and the figures presented to the Exec Board are at variance with each other, ie Wrexham.com states £8.2 million saving over a 2 year period whereas the report presented indicates a necessary saving of £8.2 million for 2015/16, (para 2.1). Extrapolate that figure and you reach a figure of £41 million over a 5 year period, if we use your simplistic mathematical
    calculation method. I tend to favour the official documentation for accuracy.
    Also, the proposed savings indicated in the appendix to the report are are presented previously (with minor additions) and form the basis for early and ongoing consultation and amendment as necessary throughout this financial year, prior to budget setting in early 2015.
    As for wxm’s comments regarding a ‘new and fresh approach’ and ‘doing things differently and with less money’, isn’t that what is being done by considering the budget early and allowing longer for consultation to take place?
    As an aside, would you please try to discontinue the use of inappropriate question marks in your posts? It makes your normally difficult to read posts even more so.


    I suspect that the real debate is where should the cuts actually come from rather than how much and that is where everyone needs to put pressure if they have concerns



    In earlier posts the budget for this year was listed and debated. The total spend is to be £227,333,600.

    ‘General’ expenditure is to be £26,959,059.

    Could general expenditure be reduced by the £4.3m in the Council report?

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