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    Why aren’t there more Wrexham web-cams? The ones currently available are few and hardly ‘live’. Can’t we just tap into and have the same access to all the many cams all over Wrexham town as the authorities have?

    Is there an issue with the general public accessing these cams, after all, the public are encouraged to look out for and keep an eye on each other by the likes of community watch and others.

    Increasingly many individuals are wearing body-cams and homes and businesses have long such used security cams. Privately owned cams aside, the ones all over Wrexham town ought to be accessible to the general public.


    Council Watcher

    The issue is to do with Dat Protection and the regulations governing the use of images collected in a public CCTV system. There are clearly defined regulations about what can be shared depending on the purpose- so basically the Council has their hands tied about any imagery that enables someone to be identified unless released by the Police for the detection if someone they are looking for.
    The new GDPR – General Data Protection regulations that comes law in May has some very clear guidance in this use.

    Good bedtime reading!!



    They could link to HMP Berwyn.

    Apparently there is no issue with being able to identify people on them.

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