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    Wrexham v Chester Saturday August 31st 1:00pm

    I fully expected this game to be put back 24-hours to the Sunday as usual, 12 Noon kick-off, all-ticket, easy to manage, and no disruption to Wrexham’s busiest shopping day of the week.
    4 or 5 arrests, everyone goes home, happy days.
    Instead, the game is Saturday 1pm.
    The club has also turned down a possible windfall (about 50k) from BT to screen the match on a Monday night because goalkeeper Joslain Mayebi might be on international duty for Cameroon.
    Chester fans are subject to what is commonly known as a ‘Bubble’. You are only allowed to attend the game if you travel with the official coaches at 11am and your ticket will be issued when you arrive at the ground surrounded by the Police. Chester fans have been allocated 1200 tickets for the 2 tiers of the Yale Stand.
    Why put them there? With just the Police and stewards segregating both sets of fans? I envisage a huge amount of security around them for the whole of the game. Previously we’ve given them 2000 tickets for the upper tier of the Eric Roberts Stand and there’s been no problems! So why change it? If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it!
    Wrexham supporters have to show proof of I.D when buying tickets. 1 per person. I’ve spoken tonight with a student who wanted to buy 6 tickets for his mates. He said he won’t bother now. That’s money lost Wrexham F.C! Ridiculous!
    Troublemakers will find their way to Wrexham, by taxi or other means, with no intention of watching the game. Why the unprecedented Draconian measures for a non-league game?
    The safety advisory group have made these measures. They picked a Saturday, reduced Chester’s allocation etc, when previous Sunday games have proved successful?
    It’s Chester races that day also. I fully intend travelling, by train, to Chester after the game. I look forward to seeing how I am treated at Wrexham General Station.

    If something’s not broke, why try to fix it? What a FIASCO NWP/SAG?



    Just to add. The Police & Safety Advisory Group have turned this game into a game which presents all kinds of problems. What was wrong with the proven Sunday 12 noon game we all came to expect?
    On Chester Races day as well….
    The Police will therefore now be watching the town centre, the ground, the railway, , the bus routes, Chester races….



    If Wrexham fans are being asked to produce I.D, isn’t that a clear indication of worry that Chester fans will go into the home areas because of their reduced allocation?
    So why change the previous system of 2,000 tickets for the traditional away end? Instead, a reduced allocation is implemented in a corner of a Wrexham fans’ stand? It doesn’t make sense?
    The Chester coaches will be parked on Mold Rd. Yet, at the end of the game, Chester fans will mingle with home support to get to their coaches?

    It’s just lunacy. It’s almost as it the Police want trouble

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