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    Anyone else signed up to Wrexham Savers and receive emails with offers designed to promote local Wrexham companies , now receiving emails from Chester Savers? Chester Savers are sending offers for Chester and trying to take business away from Wrexham. Not sure what the Wrexham Businesses feel about that when they pay money to generate more trade in Wrexham. Also should the company use a database of email addresses gathered from people who signed up to support Wrexham businesses to promote Chester Savers?



    Hello, I’m Nigel from Wrexham Savers and thought it would be best to respond directly as Wrexham Savers and Chester Savers are the same company.

    Wrexham Savers and Chester Savers have separate email databases of 13,500 and 4,500 members respectively, with some members registering for both.

    However, when the Chester database was originally setup a small % of Wrexham members were inadvertently copied over and a couple of people have brought this to our attention over the past 6 months. We can assure you that the 13,500 Wrexham Savers members do not get the Chester Savers emails – but a small proportion do as explained above. Otherwise members are only sent emails for the mailing lists they have subscribed to.

    A de-subscribe list is included on the forms for those who wish to de-subscribe from the Chester emails.

    A number of members have subscribed to both lists directly but for the avoidance of any confusion we are not using our 13,500 Wrexham List to market Chester offers to. Our business members for Wrexham are also in the 13,500 list and I am sure they would be the first to complain if they saw Chester emails – we have had no complaints from our business members and we apologise if you are one of the small number that are inadvertently getting the Chester message. Please de – subscribe from the Chester list. If you have any further questions you can call me on 07764 258986 or Email nigel@wrexhamsavers.co.uk



    @wrexview 7867 wrote:

    Also should the company use a database of email addresses gathered from people who signed up to support Wrexham businesses to promote Chester Savers?

    Standard industry practice is to give people 2 opportunities to opt out. This is usually via a tick or untick box, followed by an introductory email (as opposed to a mailshot) to let them know they are registered to receive marketing messages and if they would prefer not to receive them they should let you know.



    Thanks for the clarification, I just thought it was odd when two people in my family received both emails.



    No problem. As I say your not the first to notice. We try our best to promote Wrexham companies to Wrexham people and same principle in Chester. We are just launching third card in Liverpool and we will make 100% sure that no one in Wrexham gets Liverpool emails unless they request to join the list.

    I do hope you are able to benefit from your card there are some great local businesses and offers.

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