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    In a brilliant move Council Leaders are expected to completely remove all infrastructure in the town in an aim to fool criminals into leaving town and going elsewhere. Criminals expecting to be left exhausted by being given nowhere to rest and sit down to hatch their dastardly plans by lack of benches and left completely unable to contact each other using the archaic methods of the phone box – now consigned to the same history as the telegraph system and smoke signals.

    This is basically taken straight out of an old western when the bad guys roll up into town – every single shop and saloon shuts its doors, everything taken indoors and people clear off the streets to give the impression of a ghost town.

    Ghost Town

    Environmental officers are working out whether it is best to create tumbleweeds in-house or outsource to a contractor.

    Local Sheriff has expressed concerns that some more enterprising criminals will start using £5 burner phones and £5 camping chairs from local outpost stores that will defy the WREXHAM IS SHUT DOWN ban to make a quick buck.

    Long live the frontier town.

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    Bloody fools! Where are us older folk going to sit now? Some of the chaps find it hard walking between pubs and would sit on those benches.

    The telephone boxes were handy for when i accidentally forget my mobile phone and have to call Mrs Councillor X to give an excuse why i am not home already.

    What about the flower beds can we get rid of them too? I got stung by a beer in Lord Street once on my way to Wethers so rip them up those bees are criminals and they wear prison outfits.

    PS I think Sheriff Matt has a nice ring to it if you wanted a new job. We need you because even the police have fled to Llay.

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    I will agree to it if you can stand outside Caldecotts and measure up any potentially wrongun looking newcomers to town for a coffin. Of course keeping it very low key and masquerading as a tailor.

    We have to keep all the stereotypical cliches in place if we are to make it as a Wild West town.

    I’m sure many of the Wethers crew gang will be more than happy to be involved in the background of any unexpected bar brawls that might come our way.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    I got stung by a beer in Lord Street once …

    Boddingtons ?



    Lynchings on the beastie..ye ha.



    This has to be one of the craziest ‘solutions’ to a social problem- taking away two benches when there are at least 8 others less than 30 yards away.
    Hw can taking away two benches be part of a solution when they can sit on the other benches, sall flower bed walls or take up residence on the steps of the closed RBS Bank.
    When will the Council and others come up with some real solutions that are effective and stainable.
    This is just a piece of socil engineering by trying to shift a problem into another part of town.



    If only the council knew how to pick smart street furniture and make the town a pleasant place to work and live, i’m sure they will find a different area to do their business, but they must feel right at home so they’ll move their ass a few feet to the next bench, its laughable that this is seen as a solution 😂….if they had any sense those ugly benches will be going to the skip! I do like the look of the old Western pictured above, if only the town looked like that 😍.



    What looked like two council officials were looking at the bench across the road from the Fat Boar will that be next,think it is mainly used by our eastern european friends



    What on earth is going on with our Council to come up with this solution- it is time they started employing people with levels of common sense that understand the social problems.
    Have the seats been moved because Council staff going to the office door nearby on Egerton Street didn’t like to see them on the bench when they went to work. Has this been done specifically to meet the complaints that the Council staff had been making?
    The options to move to other benches around the area are numerous – will we now see a move to make certain people move on – what criteria will they use?
    Often when there are these kind of ‘purge’ actions all that happens is a shift of the problem from one location to another and not a solving of the root causes.



    Get the sally army to play a few tunes,and we could have a massive game of musical benches.

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