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    New initiative launched to promote Wrexham as a ‘vibrant, attractive place to work, study, live, shop and visit’.
    Who are they trying to hoodwink with this gimmick?
    In my opinion, this is a direct antithesis of the real situation.
    Irrespective of the current epidemic, Wrexham has been crumbling for years and the £500k initial investment proposed is more money down the drain.
    Businesses are leaving in their droves and WCBC’s planning approach seems to be to reject applications as a norm.
    I certainly won’t be holding my breath for a positive outcome.


    Put those words into a search engine ..

    Leicester’s status as one of the greatest UK cities in which to live and work has … years, making it an even more attractive place to live, work, study and visit. “The Highcross shopping centre is investing more than £14 million in the … the UK, Leicester is also known for its vibrant culture and many landmarks

    Northampton. come and visit stay and live, the town’s cultural offer is also coming forward in … of a brighter more attractive place for Northamptonians to live, work and play in. … A vibrant successful town for now and the future … town as a great place to live, work, shop and do business, working with partners … visit, work, study and invest.

    which presents Sheffield as a Competitive City, as an attractive and … also makes it easy for people to limit their visit to a day trip, raising questions whether the … Retail – with a wide range of shopping opportunities from the big brands to small … their decision about whether to invest, work, study or live here

    My question is did the Council have to pay for someone to come up with the idea to promote Wrexham as a ‘vibrant, attractive place to work, study, live, shop and visit’?

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    Apparently Next are the next shop on Eagles Meadow to close, I wonder who will be next.



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    This sort of thing has been done before , back when there was “vibrant and viable “ money available. The Welsh Tourist Board was involved , and there was an idea to join hubs together, the town being one. A coach park was one suggestion but it was never implemented. Remember the green oasis that some design agency drew that was to be outside Ty Pawb on the junction of Chester Street and Market Street? Never materialised. Words and jargon are worth nothing with out action!



    Tag Line for wrexham?

    “Bring me your Dross, pox ridden and halfwit morons, that they may sponge more freely”



    The future plan for the markets pre covid was to invest £2 million into the Butchers Market alone, this was discussed at the Executive Board meeting March 2020.

    This despite the SAMP Report in July 2017 saying “To comprehensively refurbish the property to an overall standard that would be considered excellent, in the region of £128,000 for the General and £290,00 for the Butcher’s Market would need to be spent.”

    I emailed every member of the Executive Board prior to that March 2020 meeting, pointing out ” Before you is a report asking for £2 million for the Butcher’s Market alone. I write in the hope that you come to your senses and reduce the allocation of funds to that which is realistically needed £290,000.”

    Is any notice taken of concerns? No. The show just bumbles along going nowhere.

    I agree with the opening post, another gimmick


    Born Acorn

    I’d rather they just supported the schemes they already have; https://www.northeastwales.wales/

    Once people are here Google and Tripadvisor will take care of the rest.


    Comment 8or

    High Streets the world over are irreversibly changing out of all recognition from how they used to be, and have been doing so with increasing vigour over the past two decades. Big-name High Street stores (excluding supermarkets) are fast becoming a thing of the past. It’s something we have to recognise, accept and respond to. Perhaps we should encourage small independent shops and restaurants instead.

    I read that we are now contemplating a fresh injection of ideas into the development of the town centre. But my word, it looks like a right confusing mess. I can’t see any clear vision of outcome or destiny. All I see is a mass of protracted rhetoric. Who is driving this, who is pulling everything together, what are the clearly defined and costed stages and the final vision? Who is accountable? Maybe I’ve missed this, in which case I’d be happy to be pointed in the right direction.

    Why has Wrexham Council always had a morbid fixation on spending huge amounts of scarce public funds on the use of external consultants and agents, who do not know the area, for everything they do. It’s little wonder we face such a high annual rise to the Council Tax. Never mind subsidising lost income for which the Council has written off as an unrecoverable debt, it’s the constant leaching of funds to external ‘experts’. Is it because they have no confidence in the ability of their own officers, or is it so that they can conveniently point the finger elsewhere when it fails?

    I read that the latest initiative is the ‘Common Purpose’ led by Wrexham’s Civic Leadership Group. The Council are hiring an agency to develop a fresh and engaging brand identity for Wrexham. To give a further couple of examples of the meaningless ramblings, Mark Pritchard says “we are well placed to bring investment and confidence to the town centre in addition to all the other initiatives”. The Deputy Minister for Housing and Local Government says “This project will not only boost sustainability, footfall and economic growth by creating jobs, homes and business opportunities but will have a beneficial impact on the wellbeing of the local community. By having a town centre first approach we can better connect our communities”. What does that even mean?

    I’m all for investing wisely in our town centre, but rather than listen to the BS ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ merchants, I hope the ‘Group listen to local people and businesses, those whose future is intrinsically linked to a vibrant town. Their town.



    If Labour is convinced that Wrexham council is about to go bankrupt why are they doing the equivalent of spending money to paint the front door if the whole house is crumbling?

    North Wales, not the right place on the map to be. For some reason Ken Skates seems to think a couple of Hollywood stars are magically going to save the town.

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