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    Unusually for me I find myself agreeing with a Tory politician. On Monday, Ken Skates praised the work being done in Wrexham to keep Covid 19 cases low. The next day, a lockdown from Thursday is introduced.
    I am as baffled as Sarah Atherton is about how the situation has deteriorated in a 24 hr period to justify a Wrexham C B lockdown and she is quite right to highlight this blatant anomaly.
    The only conclusion I can reach is that Wrexham has been shafted by collusion between the Senedd and local politicians, not for public health purposes but for ease of administration.
    Early days, I was totally behind the stance taken by the Welsh government as a model that should have been adopted UK wide, but lately, that has diminished to a point where measures being introduced appear to have no rhyme or reason.
    Irrespective of how constituents rate her Westminster performance, in this particular episode, she certainly has my support.



    Strange sort of “ health professional “ who wants higher numbers of infection before taking action. When challenged about nurses pay she was pretty darn quick to say “ health was a matter for the Sennedd !”
    Even Boris is quoted in today’s Guardian that “ there is only one way of doing this and he is not prepared to let the virus take it’s course”
    It looks like a case of “ look at me “ and the ultra loyalist has probably been noted as not agreeing with the boss!

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