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    But they haven’t broken the Good Friday agreement, What the the government are trying to is to stop the EU from changing the rules to suit themselves. The EU have said it themselves they can make thinks difficult for the UK with food tariffs.



    Parkingmad — is the time line that the EU came back with comments about making difficult AFTER Boris said they would break the law (this is Boris personally making an admission to the nation and EU). Surely this is about tit for tat and brinksmanship that is backfiring and UK will be worse off.



    TimRegency, always stirring the pot but never willing to do anything positive. Moaning is never positive.

    Run for Wrexham MP then you can have your vote. Would be interesting to see if you would toe the party line if you didn’t believe in something. I would vote for you if you showed you had the balls to vote for what the Wrexham people want.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Matt, you could also say Britain is heading towards ‘failed state’ status because a) the NHS can only treat a pandemic, by cutting off health care to vast swathes of the population, owing to staff and facilities shortages b) the exams fiasco revealed the inefficacy of our education system that it was unable to come up with a consensus on what to value in education c) housing crisis (high rents, homelessness, empty homes, poor design) d) skills crisis e) social care crisis f) top heavy under-resourced armed forces g) unbalanced economy and huge balance of payments deficit h) crumbling infrastructure i) huge gap between rich and poor j) collapse of local government services after being the focus of government austerity since 2010 k) lack of trust in governmental structures and party political organizations l) failure and waste in central government procurement e.g. dominance of Serco, Sodexho, G4S, Deloitte and the ‘corporate state m) forthcoming pensions crisis and university bankruptcies n) economic recession and o) the list is never ending….



    She’s not the MP for Wrexham, she’s the MP for the Armed Forces


    Rex Ham

    I’m just waiting for the press release from La Atherton claiming she plays football and is responsible for bringing the Hollywood duo to the club!!!!!!



    So Ms Atherton has a complaint against WG not consulting with her — perhaps Mark Drakford is now learning something from Boris- her illustrious leader has refused repeatedly to meet the First Ministers of the devolved nations — she needs to get her own political party communications and engagement sorted before swiping at others.
    Even if she had been informed by email it probably would have gone into her big block hole as most people I know who have contacted her months ago are still waiting for a response.

    Or perhaps she is using her medical experience as a nurse to come to a different conclusion to the scientific and medical advisors to the Welsh Government.

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