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    That’s me totally and utterly finished with politics. Any card that comes through my letterbox will be used as a jigsaw from now on after the circus fiasco of the last three years



    Its really this simple… he doesn’t respect my vote, ergo he wont get it.



    In Wrexham 42,000 VOTED TO LEAVE 28,000 VOTED REMAIN

    Our MP voted for another referendum ummmmmmm

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.


    Someone on twitter pulled him up about the way he was voting, and his reply was, I know best.



    Ian Lucas was in the House of Commons today, he spoke to the house explaining why he’s going to vote against the withdrawal agreement and tried to justify why he voted for a second referendum last time.
    Something like…
    “Basically Brexit means different things to different people and so to bring all my constituents together I reluctantly supported a second referendum”
    It doesn’t matter how fundamentally divisive Brexit is to his constituents, the people of Wrexham overwhelmingly voted out, why would we want a second referendum??



    Lucas is a self serving labour lapdog



    He deserves to be sent packing. Surely this time he will go?



    He deserves to be sent packing. Surely this time he will go?

    Ah but… my great grandmother was reported to have said, if there were two candidates to vote for and one was a Tory and the other was a donkey she would vote for the Donkey !

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    8 pages (so far) of in the main, condemnation of Ian Lucas.just as one would expect from Sun and Mail readers, whose knowledge of politics and democracy extends to that of a gate post.
    Like it or not, yes, we had our say in the referendum but the ultimate arbiters of the deal on offer is the British Parliament. Like it or not they are in an a far superior position to be making reasoned choices from the facts available rather than the incessant bleatings from those whose political involvement extends to where they occasionally put their little ‘x’.
    Surely it is pathetically trite to single out one person out of 650 who have overwhelmingly rejected May’s deal as being bad for the individual, the Country and the economy.
    Carry on Voting for what is best for the Country Ian, not just the 42000. Stick to your principles and when it is finally resolved, I am sure on reflection, people will be thanking you, not condemning.



    I take strong objection to your comments on this thread Benjamin. Should our knowledge of politics & democracy be no better than a gatepost there was not much point in giving the general populice the vote. Perhaps voting should be restricted to A* university graduates and the rest of us go back to touching our forelocks.
    I note that none of our Parliamentarians have been able to come up with an viable alternative to the deal on offer. The same facts are available to all Members of Parliament not just the few.
    When elected by the people to represent them usually they expect a politician to do just that.
    I hear politicians saying that the deal on offer is a really bad deal but haven’t heard anyone actually saying why, apart from the backstop. I am sure that you with your superior knowledge will be able to tell me.

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