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    Llayby lilly

    Bitter Birdman, very bitter?



    You beat me to it Llayby lilly :)

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    Wrexham voted OUT for a number of reasons. Would a NEW referendum continue along this line and ask HOW DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE?



    The people of Wrexham and the UK voted to leave and all MP’s and Assembley Members should listen to the people who voted.
    If the members of parliament don’t respect the voters, then voting in future will not be worth the paper it is written on, and everyone should refuse to vote.

    The Members of Parliament are only looking after themselves and ignoring their constituents, hoping to get on the gravy train in Brussels one day.

    No one should vote for Ian Lucas or any of those MP’s who voted against the Prime Ministers deal.
    Have any of them come up with a better deal!



    Everyone should refuse to vote? Voter turnout is already low enough in Wrexham as it is – already got some professional lifetime vote abstainers.

    Not happy about how things are going? Don’t vote for the status quo vote for someone else you believe in. Failing that stand for local MP yourself, set out your stall and likeminded people will back you.

    The levels of voter apathy and non participation is the reason the country and the system is in the state it is. If turnouts started hitting 80%+ and enough people were unhappy and voted for alternative candidates it would soon give the current set of MPs and main parties a kick up the backside.

    I very much doubt things will change though as it’s easy enough to bitch and moan on social media – but the same highly opinionated people won’t take the time out to get down to their local polling station on voting day and make a cross where it counts.

    This doesn’t apply to anyone on here as the majority of people are here they have more than a passing issue in politics. I’m talking about the Facebook duds who roll out the usual stock nonsense phrases.


    Wrexham ITK

    A lot of the arguments and benefits put forward for Brexit at the time of the Referendum have since been shown to be false, so I think if people voted now with a better grasp of the facts, the result would swing comfortably to Remain. If people are so concerned about democracy, surely the will of the people NOW with more facts and a set of realistic options is more representative than the one two years ago.



    RIP Democracy along with his friend Common Sense.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Brexiteers may think Europe is going down the pan, but if you compare the streets of towns across the UK with the streets of comparable towns across northern, western and central Europe, even Spain, Portugal and Italy, it is very obvious who is down in the dumps – us. Our Brexit leaders have had two and a half years to plan our exit from the EU since the 52-48 vote on 23rd June 2016 and the Brexit crew have turned the leaving process into the longest suicide attempt in history. Their Brexit plans have not worked out because they have been based on false premises, dodgy promises and wishful thinking. So much for having one’s cake and eating it, they are still fighting over the ingredients to go in the ruddy cake. It’s time to revoke Article 50 and putour thinking caps on before deciding what to do next.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Un-elected Fat cat bosses – we don’t have them in Britain, of course.
    Greece bankrupt – Britain’s massive balance of payments deficit; without the City of London, we would have to be self-sufficient
    Italy bankrupt – Britain’s massive public debt and the deficit, which we have supposedly been paying down since 2008
    Spain bankrupt – Britain’s ever growing personal debt mountain
    France on the brink of bankruptcy – at least the French manage to get their government to listen to the electorate. Vive les gilets jaunes!!
    Mass youth unemployment – thanks to 50% at university, flexible labour rules, very weak trade unions, flat lining and falling wages, wage subsidies (known as tax credits) and zero hours contracts, we have managed to keep our youth unemployment rate low
    €2.6 trillion quantitative easing debt to rollback somehow



    The trouble with most remainers is that they still cant believe they lost. I made a point that the fat cat bosses of Europe are unelected thats a fact Europe is a lost cause, facts are facts although not like a remainer to twist things for their own benefit.
    There was nothing on the ballot paper to say leave with a deal that suits Europe, it just asked “should we leave or stay” fact. and the country voted to leave.

    Brexit hasn’t worked out not because of so called false promises, but because remainers are unable to understand what loosing a vote means and have thwarted all or any attempt to reach a deal beneficial to this country.

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