Wrexham MP faces backlash over “inflammatory” remarks.

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    The whole point of protest is to raise awareness of an issue and thanks to Atherton shining a light on it and all the naysayers constantly talking about it. The issue has gone far further than it would have achieved had the protest happened elsewhere. Even Guido Staines Fawkes put it up on his little blog ;)

    So the main issue here is that NHS staff deserve more pay and rightly so. Not where the protest should be held, how many turned up and who to aim the protests at. Claps never paid the rent or put food on tables. The fact that people have to politicise the issue on all sides is a real shame because blame shifting and finger pointing detracts from the issue in hand and means NHS staff whilst trying to save lives and protect the nation still get short shrift.

    Both Westminster and Cardiff need to be lobbied until we can get a result.


    Rex Ham

    Correct Matt, and thse who ridicule the protest outside LaAtherton’s empty office are either too willful or to stupid to realise.

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    Even if Sarah Atherton were to make a donation to The Labour Party she would still get stick on this forum !!

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    That’s because we’re not talking about an otherworldly donation to the Labour party, but her appalling letter.



    …however, if Ms Atherton were to declare that she has made a generous donation to the Labour Party and you then started a new thread to report this otherworldly event, I’ll be the first in the queue to thank her.


    Captain C

    It must be sad to have a go at some one just because she does sing from the same political sheet as your selves.
    I have had numerous meetings with Ian Lucas and Lesley Griffiths over the years but it does not mean I have to vote for them or slag them off all the time. I have never had a meeting with Sarah Atherton (yet) but I am willing to give her a chance to get into her role as Wrexham’s MP and will judge at the next election by casting my vote. We should not oppose for the sake of opposition but should be constructive in comments and not biased all the time.



    It’s a good job nobody did that, then, isn’t it?

    Looking forward to when you’re ready to set aside your ‘opposition for the sake of it’ and defend Ms Atherton’s letter on its merits.

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    Funny how this became a labour vs conservative party issue when the focus is more on the individual. Rather than be seen to address local and national issues in the midst of a pandemic, she wants to deflect by talking about immigrants, which reminds me of the USA with Tik Tok.



    Captain, in a free thinking democratic country where people are allowed freedom of speech and freedom to vote for who they want to then views are going to be highly partisan and polarised.

    Being MP for Wrexham is a lightning rod for both praise and criticism from day one, she is reported on in the press almost every day. People are highly interested in what their local town representative is doing for them and they are going to come up with a hypothetical checklist of whether that action aligns with what they want for the vision of the town and Wales and the UK as a whole versus how they voted and their own world views.

    Then some of these people who don’t agree with it are going to want to express their opinion – most likely online.

    Other people like yourself are going to disagree with these opinions and then comment accordingly also and that’s life.

    But it doesn’t matter how many times people say, stop the bias, stop the personal opinions, she’s new here, people are going to and continue to express an opinion on the local Wrexham MP.

    You wouldn’t ask Chester fans to stop cheering for their team, just because you wanted Wrexham to have a better chance of winning in a local derby. That’s all that happens in politics.

    What happens on here is a perfectly healthy level of political discourse. Long may it continue.

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