Wrexham Maelor Hospital Story in press – Embarrassing or what??

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    Anyone of sensitive disposition don’t read lol
    Wrexham Maelor hospital emergency treatment of Wallasey student has hit the press!





    But good news! It is fitted with Duracell batteries!

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    The strangest part of the story is that she was brought all the way from Wallasey to Wrexham. Surely there must have been a nearer hospital to take her to.

    Or maybe the staff at the Maelor are used to doing the shitty jobs ?



    I can’t believe that a teacher is boasting to the press about this! And allowing herself to be photographed with the object. I hope that she is no longer a teacher – not a great role model for young people.



    I am glad the staff and the health authority kept to THEIR part in patient confidentiality!

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