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    Welsh Dresser

    @rondetto 5201 wrote:

    That’s why I say the only answer is a Multi storey car park. It is growing and continues to grow and the parking problem is not getting any better.

    You have a point there. To save on building costs services are being brought back to the hospital from the community. More services means more patients so the pressure on the available car parking spaces is bound to increase.


    I think you’ve only got to look at Manchester and Liverpool airports, they utilise the space they’ve got by building multi storey car parks. So 6000 vehicles are not spread out around the surrounding land, they are mostly all in one building.



    I get the feeling that a lot of drivers are unaware of the big car park (overlooking Morrisons) so when they can’t find a space in the terraced parking nearest the entrance, they panic and leave the car anywhere they can. The knock on effect is that getting around is made more difficult and stressful for other drivers prowling for spaces.
    Blue Badge spaces are rarer than hen’s teeth.



    @mike Davies 5200 wrote:

    I go regularly (at different times of the day). I have never not been able to find a parking space. Granted sometimes I have to part right at the furthest part of the “overflow” car park, but I always manage to park somewhere. At the end of the day the Hospital is getting bigger and busier and it attracts a lot of traffic. The car park has expanded over the years to reflect this.

    It is worth noting that some hospitals charge people for parking.

    I also have never been unable to park – under the bridge at one end & by Morrisons the other. The hospital is already unable to cope without closing smaller hospitals. We have an influx of immigrants & new housing estates built, with no thought to the infrastructure. 5 hours waiting in A & E. How much would that cost if you pay for the car park & exactly what difference would it make?


    My wife broke her shoulder a year ago, the ambulance waited for 3 hours outside A & E before they could take her in. You are right, they cant cope with the influx of immigrants and new estates being built. Currently the biggest development area in Wrexham is on the Ruthin road where there are another 250 houses to be built. The council should be looking at how all these things are going to affect the town now.



    I’ve been unable to part quite a few times, last Thursday was a prime example, had to take my youngest to OT in Child Health Centre. No spaces there and cars parked everywhere, tried over the road in main car park then down by the old gypsy site and there was nothing at all, did 2 laps before I struck lucky. I always check down the bottom, couple of times I’ve even had to park in Morrisons itself and walk across the car park. Thats fine when it is just me, I often take my nan who has a serious heart condition or my mum who can’t walk more than a few steps with me and its not always practical to leave them by the door while I go space hunting.


    I think your experience is exactly why they need to do something before it gets any worse Michelle. When I came from there on Thursday there was several cars waiting for me to pull out.

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