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    snuggles 27

    So let me play this…you are either
    1 Drunk
    2 Stoned
    3 High on Spice.
    4 Foreign
    5 Exchanging your goods in the many pawn shops
    6 Eating a Greggs as you type.
    7 Partially sighted
    8 Young and naïve and think this is the norm for a town
    7 Drunk..oops done that one.
    8 Stuck in traffic lights on every road that is being dug up once again.
    9 Stuck in the A & E department with nothing better to do than think wow what a good town
    10 Dodging potholes on every single bloody road into this dump of an excuse for a town.
    11 Are you 12?
    12 perhaps you cant find the exit sign out of the idiotic waste of money of the arts hub?

    So which one are you hotshot?
    Still think its a lovely little town do you?
    Go out more !!


    Council Watcher

    I agree with many of your comments Snuggles but let us not forget that it is the people of a town that makes it good or bad- you have highlighted the negatives people but there are still lots who contribute positive things to the area. Pity though the negatives far outweigh the positives.

    The negatives of the area will only be reversed with a full engagement of everyone- Council, Business, and residents (those with negative and positive vies and those that are visually a problem in the town). Everyone has to use their ears to listen, eyes to look and their mouths to communicate – the failure of any of these senses will result in continuous negativity.


    Welsh Dresser

    I agree that Wrexham is not what is was. Shops have closed as the way we shop has changed. It might be the forums I follow but it seems that the negativity of the town is the only thing on the increase. Maybe if we believed in the town and got off our collective backsides and did something other than gripe and complain we could change the atmosphere of the town. I don’t want to live in the past, even though I was younger then, I prefer now to then to be honest. When something happens like Ty Pawb instead of backing it the negative population seem hell bent on dragging it down. It is almost as though they will only be happy if it fails, then gloat at how clever and right they were. If the funds had been directed to Cardiff or Swansea the cry would have gone out ‘What about the North of Wales’? Well it’s here so use the blessed place and help the traders there to make a decent living.
    (Waits with bated breath to be attacked for daring to say my piece 😂)



    Each to their own opinion, of course, but I honestly don’t understand how anyone thinks Wrexham is a great town. Compared to other towns I’ve lived in, Wrexham is by far the worst. I think of it as the sweaty armpit of Wales.


    Council Watcher

    Welsh Dresser, you are right about the increase in negativity but that is in proportion to the Councils (Members and some officers) increased level of not wishing to listen or be questioned about any topic. Yes, we pay for professional officers but they need to come out of their bubble and have a proper engagement to find out really what people want and think. (Council Members should also listen to their officers and not end up with reports that are ‘doctored’ and bear no resemblance often to the officer’s professional views).

    The more recent move by Executive Board members to go and have coffee around the town — they should get a takeaway coffee and sit on the wall/benches in places like Queens Square, Hope Street etc — engage with the people and they will engage back. Residents are here to stay so often officers are only around for a short time in their career and Council Members are only interested in how they can secure their seat next time around.


    Welsh Dresser

    Bubble, I am not saying that Wrexham is a great town but I don’t have your experience of living in other towns to compare against. What I do wonder is why you stay in Wrexham if it is the worst place you have lived in? Something must keep you here that you didn’t have anywhere else. To me it is home. Not perfect by any means but home.



    I cringe whenever I read how great a town Wrexham is to live, work and shop, especially the shop element of the argument.
    The town is inundated with pound shops and charity stores, a situation that is likely to be further exacerbated if the application by Nightingale House is approved by our illustrious Planning Committee.
    Whilst I have every respect for the good work carried out by Nightingale House, enough is enough!
    The design and access statement in support of the application reads thus:
    “It is considered that the proposed change of use will offer suitable commercial premises that will encourage visits to the town centre itself and extend the time spent in the application building” Who writes this stuff? Unadulterated bull!!!
    Perhaps Nigel Lewis et al would be kind enough to let us all now how this proposal fits in with his vision of Wrexham being a ‘great’ place to shop when virtually 1 in 4 outlets are occupied by premises mentioned in the opening paragraph?



    Totally agree with what Idris had to say on the 13th of April.Wrexham has become a dumping ground & the town centre police are weak.


    Welsh Dresser

    So let me play this…you are either
    1 Drunk. Don’t drink to excess
    2 Stoned. Don’t take drugs either
    3 High on Spice. Does black pepper count?
    4 Foreign. Born and raised here
    5 Exchanging your goods in the many pawn shops. Never been in one
    6 Eating a Greggs as you type. Think I have used this shop twice
    7 Partially sighted. Normal vision
    8 Young and naïve and think this is the norm for a town. Pmsl I wish!
    7 Drunk..oops done that one. Groundhog Day?
    8 Stuck in traffic lights on every road that is being dug up once again. Groundhog Day 2? Gas pipes need replacing …c’est la vie!
    9 Stuck in the A&E department with nothing better to do than think wow what a good town. Only ever been there twice
    10 Dodging potholes on every single bloody road into this dump of an excuse for a town. This is my new hobby!
    11 Are you 12? I was once …….
    12 perhaps you cant find the exit sign out of the idiotic waste of money of the arts hub? I found my way in and out with no navigational aids at all.

    I do love a quiz!


    snuggles 27

    Welsh dresser
    Are you deluded or what?? You have negated a couple of your points there without noticing.
    So basically what you are saying is that you have never experienced any of these points?. You must be a prime example of a Wrexamite..born and bred, a kind of so I know the truth kind of person?
    You pretend its not happening and just put up with all the crap because you still live in this dump and think its great.
    You cant polish a turd so to speak!!!
    So if you have never experienced any of my points then what the hell are you doing on here commenting???
    Do you go out once a month or something?
    Open your eyes and take a look. Do you need someone to take your hand and show you what its really like in the real world?

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