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    I commute out of Wrexham daily and can assure you that the roads are much busier in the opposite direction.
    The town centre and its nightlife have bombed over the last 10-15 years.
    That being said I spend a lot of time in Birkenhead, which is a massive dump, makes Wrexham look like Chelsea!



    I think Idris is one of those people who walks slow on a pavement, just to annoy everyone else.



    I think Idris is one of those people who walks slow on a pavement, just to annoy everyone else.

    Yes I do.
    I also stop to talk to people and block the pavement, drive in the middle lane on motorways even if there is nobody in the slow lane, dont signal at roundabouts, kick pigeons and hate pasties!



    You need to travel outside of Wrexham to appreciate what we do have in this town.

    I think you’re right there

    I really think you need to pull your heads out of your respective shells and look around you! The place is falling apart and it is full of scum bags, home grown as well as Eastern Europeans.

    Does your excrement smell of roses to match the tint on your spectacles?

    Do you ever go into Wrexham? Have you walked around town in the dark? It is VERY intimidating and needs proper policing and a lot of investment.

    Yes, I do go into Wrexham including regularly at night and have never had any trouble. If you look for trouble (and it sounds like you probably do) you will find it, but that’s the same anywhere.



    Thanks for this post after all the negativity on this site it’s like a Breath of fresh air I also think we have a great town and if more people were more supportive instead of continuously knocking it the town would be even better



    I tend to agree with Nen, We have a great little town, not what it once was, but hey where is? The past is a great place to visit but we don’t want to live there, do we? I would hope that those who continually knock Wrexham are genuinely frustrated, that it could, and should be so much more. We, like so many other locations around the country, and even at a national level, have politicians that are unqualified for the positions they hold. Until that situation is resolved we are going to stagnate. We need to moan complain and demand better and more for our town. We have a small nucleus of both home grown and eastern European idiots, thugs and thieves, but Wrexham folk in general are good honest hard working people. We need to work together and pull in the same direction, or give in to negativity and let the scum bags take our town over, dragging it for ever into a down ward spiral.


    snuggles 27

    Oh for gods sake, wake up and smell the coffee people. Yes someone goes out in Wrexham town centre at 7 pm and nothing to see and all is quiet. Drunks and stoners are probably knackered for the evening after a hard days boozing.
    Try going out in the real dark. You will see it. Rough sleepers on every street,3 even outside macy D’s in the window space dirty blankets and looking like the great unwashed. People have given them food and they just throw the detritus too their feet instead of getting up of their arsed to walk to the bin 10 feet away.
    Its the equivalent of police patrolling the bus station at 7.30 am and tweeting that “all looks good here”
    I have lived here all my life and bareley recognise the place anymore. Counted at least 20 drunks and dropouts just on the bus to king street alone.
    Face facts….Saturday high street has, ooh let me count…30-40 people walking down the road at 1 pm!!! What a joke to how it used to be.
    Wake up you “Wrexham is great muppets” and get in the real day.
    Its a dump and going down hill and nothing you can say or do will change it. I have never seen any town die on its arse so quickly as Wrexham.
    And before all the”what do you know muppets” pop up and say otherwise….stop fooling yourselves. I have walked these streets for the last 30 years and I can rember when Wrexham was a decent place to go out and have a drink..Baccus anyone?….Scotts anyone?…Razzmataz and the cotton club anyone?…Hmm didn’t think so.
    At the moment the only thing we have is The Fat Boar that comes close to anything like a normal town.
    Its to little and a bit to late to revive the town…its going to take a bloody fortune which the council just don’t have..except firework displays for the vanity project that appears to be Welsh for Bollocks !!!
    Wake up people and get with the flow. Search your dreams. Go back 30 years and remember how it used to be. Real town yeah..so stop getting blinkered by the bullshit of the positive. Yes there are worse places…but we are sailing a rudderless ship towards them.


    snuggles 27

    Small Nucleus???
    Have you walked past Café Nero ever in your life????
    Its bloody full of the Eastern European nucleus !!!
    And what is it with the black puffa jackets and the haircuts? You can spot them a mile off.
    So don’t sit there spouting guff about a small nucleus…..whan was the last time you walked through the town centre and didn’t hear anyone speaking English??
    For me it was Saturday morning and to be honest its a bloody joke !!
    Get out of you box of denial and get into town and take a look !!!


    snuggles 27

    Ah I thought that was only me who noticed….perhaps if more people took off the blinkers and actually spent time in the town they would see it to.


    snuggles 27

    Is this post for real???
    Are you for real??
    I can pick apart those points you have given in five minutes flat.
    Stop kidding yourself. You cant pretend nothing is happening to the town and promote as some sort of great place to go.
    Give it up man, its not happening. They promise us this and they give us that.
    You must have seen this with your own eyes as I assume you are of an older generation than myself, and even I can see where this town is heading !!

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