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    I get what you are saying Monitor. Something in Wrexham perhaps might be considered heritage until Bloor Homes & their Tory donor consider it to be more suited as a new residential profit generating location.

    At this point I wouldn’t put it past them.



    Well that’s alright then. We will just leave everything as it is shall we? Let it all fall down. Or do you have a plan yourself to protect local heritage? What do you suggest?


    The Monitor

    Of course none should be left to fall down, nor to be mysteriously ‘pushed’ down or similar. All Buildings with Heritage in Wrexham should, if not occupied, be made safe and weather proof by the council. Let’s face it, any costs involved do not come solely from the pockets of the councillors, nor the council officers. Grants are available and the availability of any grants is often investigated by the various existing Heritage Organisations in the area. Ultimate uses for the Saved properties should also be investigated once their existence is SECURED. Possible future uses will be varied and determined by the controls and historic covenants etc. that some properties may have in that respect. A caring and sensitive approach must always be the basis of future development, an approach that is based on liking and loving your area and its history.

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