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    Council Watcher

    The announcement about the Council having a Heritage Plan must be a joke- things they have spent millions on over the years remain closed and decaying- they have had the arrogance in the past to get money and grand schemes and within a short period of time places have closed-
    Clywedog Trail – Minera Lead Mines, Nant Mill, Bersham School Museum, Kings Mill (opened by Lady Diana) all closed with the exception of Nant Mill on limited hours.
    The old markets in Wrexham – pulled down for Henblas Street development
    Cinema in Lampit Street
    Holt Castle
    The Groves (which is not included in their Heritage Plans for the future
    The list is endless but the truth is the past management or ore precisely mismanagement is nothing short of scandalous with lots of our heritage gone for ever.
    Could you imagine if they managed St Giles Church as a historical building how long that would be before they closed it.


    The Monitor

    This move by Wrecksam Council, could be seen as a move designed to sideline the already well established

      Save Our Heritage

    Group. A group of Volunteers who have no personal profitable interest in the Heritage they protect.

      Save Our Heritage

    also perform all the tasks of sourcing cash awards and grants, and campaigning against philistine wrecking moves by the present council and private concerns. Very suspicious moves by this council.. No elections on the horizon are there?? Or maybe it being done because of suggestions made by self-interested council officers, you know, the one’s who are ultimately employed by, and paid by us, the


    . Just some points to ponder on!



    Couldn’t agree more with the comments here. The wider area of Wrexham is really nice. However, the town itself lacks identity of a place. The old cinema could have been used for different purposes linked to culture and arts as well as the markets. You can see that Ty Pawb is an attempt to give Wrexham an identity. However,the building lacks character. Yet they want to demolish the Groves building? If we are to have more visitors into the town centre there needs to be a clear reason to visit over neighbouring towns and places.



    There has been a long term trend in Wrexham of plans to turn absolutely anything of remote uniqueness and of cultural interest in Wrexham into residential. Perhaps if they even had a remote interest in refurbishing and preserving the town’s character – it would be a nice place to go to.

    Granny Midges – Let’s build flats – Collectables and Antiques a huge draw in other towns

    Y Werddon Brewery – Let’s build flats – Could have housed microbreweries – look how many craft ales are being made everywhere

    Hippodrome – Let’s build flats – The interior of that place was brilliant – restoration could have meant an alternative type cinema to the usual multiplex blandness.

    Scott’s and Peppers – Let’s build flats – whilst these clubs were of a different era and many people have hilarious bad stories to tell of their drunken visits there – the actual spaces in these places could have been transformed into newer night club locations or other entertainment venues. In other towns/cities the majority of a town’s heritage night venues get preserved.

    It just seems like the planning brain-deads in the council are that desperate for redevelopment they just push for housing plans to come in as those are the only ones they seem to support. Where is the actual inward investment support for the day time and night time economy in the town centre it just doesn’t exist.


    Born Acorn

    It’s a nice thought but all of those buildings (with the possible exception of Granny Midges?) were derelict and in the hands of private landowners.

    As long as residential property makes more money than commercial rents it’s only going to get worse as town centres across the nation decline in the internet age. We just don’t have Roman walls or a nice riverside or racecourse to entice the masses into town.

    We could probably ensure the LDP doesn’t identify these sorts of locations as residential but in my opinion, an offshore property trust can afford to leave something derelict for 20 years until it falls down.

    Greed does this.



    We do still have Kings Mill, Nant Mill, Minera Lead Mines, Bersham Iron Works, Bersham School etc for future use if/when the county becomes more prosperous. If the council hadn’t taken on the care-taking role & buildings hadn’t been weather proofed, they would have deteriorated until they had to be demolished as with some privately owned buildings. Austerity has meant that some services had to be prioritised. After all we would complain our bins weren’t emptied.


    Council Watcher

    Zinger sorry but you have the time line wrong – the buiklding you reffered to were closed before Austerity- why had they not been offered to community groups to see if they could take them over



    So Council Watcher, are you not in agreement that the buildings should have been secured & weatherproofed. Should they have been left to fall down for lack of volunteers or staff to open them?

    Have you yourself thought about volunteering to help keep these places open for public viewing? There aren’t many lead miners, iron workers, mill workers left & even coal miners & steelworkers are getting fewer by the day.

    All I am trying to say is that at least they are still standing & that is mostly down to Council & volunteers.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Minera Lead Mines was open this summer. I saw adverts for it – Groundwork Trust was involved.
    Likewise walking past the old Bersham School, I spotted a sign promoting tours around Bersham Ironworks.
    Keeping any heritage site open to the public requires a huge commitment from volunteers as it is not everyone’s idea of fun hanging around on a wet afternoon just in case some visitors come through the door. Community groups do look after a number of heritage sites e.g. the Glyn Valley tramway folks and Brymbo Heritage Group and they can vouch how much work is involved. In short working full time and overtime for free – only the most motivated and enthusiastic need apply. Also taking on a building brings huge liabilities e.g maintenance, insurance, security, electricity, heating etc etc.


    The Monitor

    I feel that it should also be noted, in regard to Our heritage, that the sudden council ‘decision’ to form a body to look after Wrexham Heritage in all its forms, may also be an attempt to sideline those organisations who are already successful in the field of Our Local Heritage. These organisations have proven themselves to be knowledgeable, capable and impartial. Any ‘Heritage Body’ formed by the council would, by definition, be CONTROLLED and INFLUENCED by the executive board and certain ‘officers’. In view of past evidence, I do not think that this would be a healthy thing for Wrexham County Borough. Your thoughts….?

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