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    Don’t want to be a bore, but if Wrexham is to have a prison as a central plank of its economic mix, it must appraise and plan for its effect on the town, its image, its culture, and its nature of public services – for the long term.

    At the moment, this is not the case . . .



    Well it looks like Wrexham ARE having the prison on the old Firestone site.

    ummmm….. Mixed Feelings!



    Excellent announcement by Chris Grayling this morning.
    I sincerely hope that the Planning Committee endorse the proposal unanimously when it submitted for approval and that building work begins at the earliest opportunity.
    Jobs, a boost to the local economy and sensible use of a brown field site.
    Several Christmas’s at once.


    Can anyone provide stats on how many permanent jobs for local people (i.e.live within 5 miles ) have been provided by prisons for the whole of the UK over the last 20 years?



    Why has this thread about the UK’s largest prison only generated roughly 6k views?
    Are the people of Wrexham only interested in the statement of ‘The real China’ ??
    The mind boggles



    Will people made redundant from prisons closing be relocated? Wouldn’t you think that people would learn that ‘super’ anything isn’t anything like super?



    How does Ken Skates think regular visits from family will cut local crime rates (Wrexham Leader)?
    Family of North Wales inmates currently have regular funded travel expenses.
    Assisted Prison Visits scheme: Taxpayers pay £50k a week for visitors to prison inmates including murderers and rapists – Mirror Online



    If it is better for prisoners families to be closer to their ‘naughty’ loved ones, why is it that we need a ‘super’ prison in Wrexham? Wouldn’t it make more sense, for each county to have their own prison. Or are they trying to insinuate that we have more criminals than anywhere else?



    If Wrexham is to become home to this prison, it will need a WHOLE PLAN that that addresses all the economic & social policy implications that come with it. Otherwise, the prison will become a bigger icon that Wrexham and the community itself, and the draw on public services will take precedence over community priorities including health, further education, and higher education.


    Born Acorn

    The MoJ will surely submit everything they deem necessary in the application. There was even talk of ensuring 700 jobs are earmarked local in a clause?

    Besides, qualified prison guards aren’t a common thing, perhaps we will see some migration from North Yorkshire where they are closing North Allerton?

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