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    Has anyone else dealt with this department? I’m finding their methods of bullying, manipulation and unsuitably trained staff quite tiresome. Has anyone taken a legal action against a government department and its obvious incompetence.
    And before the trolls jump on here. Yes, I have documented proof with transcripts of meetings would be made available to solicitors.
    I would rather not go into private details here, just asking for the best way to see that the 4 members of staff I have dealt with are retrained to a level where they can interact with any future members of the public that have the misfortune to have any dealings with them.

    Is it to see a solicitor or just let their incompetence carry on to the next client?



    It depends greatly upon how your interaction with the service has come about. If you are the parent or person connected to a child who has become looked-after by the Local Authority, then your recourse is through the family court. If you are a foster carer or other party, then really speaking your first port of call should be the Council’s internal complaints procedure, followed by representation to the Public Service Ombudsman for Wales.

    In the very first instance I would suggest 1) putting a call in to the CAB for advice and 2) getting in touch with Lesley Griffiths, who is well versed in complaints against the Wrexham fostering service.



    Firstly, you’ll be glad to know I’m the grandparent of a child that’s been taken off the natural parents under emergency measures. I’m assisting in getting the child placed in a safe house within the family. Yet, I’ve been forced to give out private information although it was never required it seems, according to a telephone conversation today with a senior manager.
    Theres a lot more to it, but I’ve been falsely informed that if I didnt submit confidential information, my grandchild would be taken into care.
    I’m pretty sure I have a case against 3 members of staff who colluded in misrepresenting their case in an ‘unofficial’ meeting.



    This very much sounds like a safeguarding issue and as some specific details regarding a child under protection have been revealed (no matter how small) – could put the child at risk.

    The issue really should be dealt with through the appropriate legal and official complaint channels – rather than a public discussion forum.

    I can completely understand your frustration but these safeguards are put in place for a reason.



    Yes, I’ll take your suggestions onboard, but sadly I fear it’ll get brushed under the carpet and it’ll just go away for them, as they always do.
    Personally, I wouldn’t risk a hedge in their care if going on their past performances are anything to go by. It’s a pity naming , shaming and the truth is frowned upon in today’s society. Thanks for the input.

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