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    What is going on at Wrexham Football Club, last season we were in the play off’s. This season we are bottom of the league really struggling. The fans are unhappy with some of the director’s and the manager. Today I have heard one of the WST board members has resigned. The local press seem to be quite on the matter no one asking questions. We need help, where from I don’t know, or next season the attendance will drop even further we have lost nearly 2 thousand fans in the last couple of month. No one from the club is talking, we need a statement we are a fans club, We fans saved the club we are proud fans. Yet nobody is talking to us.

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    Don’t remember a thread about the football club on here before. Do you know who has resigned and why? Is the WST board the same as the Football Club Board? As a supporters owned club can’t you just call a meeting of the supporters to find out what is happening?



    The board member who has resigned is Simon Rhodes I believe. Calling a meeting is not is not that easy certain rules and regulations of which I’m not sure of. The WST and the club board are different but the club board are answerable to the WST, I think. Sorry for being a bit vague.



    My friend Dave heard from one of his friends who’s an estate agent that Mauricio Pochettino has been viewing properties in Caia Park. Things could be looking up very soon.


    Ioan y Ffin

    There are probably clauses in the club’s and the WST constitutions that allow members of the club and WST to call an EGM if enough people want one.
    Another approach is to continue what you are doing: raise the issue in the local media, the press and on social media and force someone to make a statement. If you have particular questions then you have to ask them publicly.
    Most banana republics are amateurs compared to football clubs when it comes to poor governance. The silence is not surprising.

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