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    PWC contracts are no doubt so complex no one in any Council has the legal understanding of complex private sector contracts. Commission contracts that are covered by fixed fee so that there is only one winner the Consultants



    Looks like PWC use a basic template , and just put a different Council name on the front !!!

    This possibility was queried by a poster on here back in January 2015.

    Consultants and Wrexham Council.

    “Further point, LEAN has been around since the 1930s, The Machine That Changed The World, the book, the TV series, Henry Ford, Toyota, Kaizen etc etc.
    Its all routine procedure throughout the world in many sectors of business and government.
    There are some excellent detailed pdf files online, Harrow Council for example, have posted their review, so begs the question haven’t Wrexham Council any contacts in other councils that have already undergone a LEAN review so they share results and protocols etc.
    Do we really need to pay PWC £1million+ to do this work on a consulting basis, have they no established template for LEAN implementation at local council. Is Wrexham Council so different it requires a bespoke solution ?”


    Never mind a bespoke solution, can’t WCBC come up with something that fits and works specifically for them?

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