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    Has there been a resolution voted on in a Council Meetimg to remove information about payments over £500 from the Council website ? Are Councillors even aware this has happened ?



    Is there any connection between removal of financial information and Ty Pawb spending?



    People were saying that Ty Pawb would be a white elephant.What a complete waste of money.



    The council report is still bollocking on about how important the car parking fees are – whereas hardly anyone is visiting the main purpose of Ty Pawb which is as an arts hub. Other than the initial exhibition – looking at the figures – hardly anyone turned up to see the other installations.

    They should never try and use the fact that people are parking at the people’s market multi story to try and justify the fact that the whole project is making revenue and doing well. They have basically swindled the WAG of their arts grant. They have also absolutely shafted a number of local traders by overpromising the footfall and revenue with the initial consultants report – which they have now ripped up (how much did that cost?!).

    They are still pulling the wool over the Wrexham public’s eyes over how colossal a failure the entire project has been and a massive waste of public money all round. Just wait until a few year’s time when they decide to try and hand it over to private commercial ventures and no-one will touch it with a barge pole.

    They won’t demolish the space because they find their car park too precious – but I am struggling to see what private commercial venture the space below will get converted into? Perhaps another supermarket – a lot of those seem to be popping up.

    They have also strategically tried to lay some of the blame for the planned and expected failure on the negativity of us on social media and in the press.

    However, if you make something shit and everyone calls it out for being shit then those who produced the bad thing in the first place are ultimately to blame for the failure.

    Perhaps even more so you have to ask why the council did the equivalent of taking a steak van to a vegan festival. The market for the vision they were trying to sell in Wrexham didn’t exist and despite overwhelming market research that said no thanks – they ploughed ahead regardlessly.

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    The Ty Pawb car park is mainly used for people going to work and not by people visiting the White Elephant. The same people are using the Ty Pawb car park that were using the Peoples Market car park so the Council have just said to Ty Pawb “here have this magical goose that lays golden eggs so your figures look better.”

    Drunken Dai says if you go there after the work traffic has parked up (lots of shop workers and ordinary council staff – ‘top’ staff have their passes and don’t get wet getting to the office) you sometimes have to park on the roof because there is no room. Good job their plans for an open air bar and cinema never happened ..

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    Perhaps this is a biger issue than Ty Pawb and other transactions are being made difficult to identify. Yes it is open to ask for infomation but you need to be very clear what you are looking for. When the Council had the £500 listing it was easy to look in advance.



    It is not just the car park income that is the golden egg, there is the income from the South Arcade shops that have been credited to Ty Pawb.

    If these two income streams had been credited to the Peoples Market the place would never have had to be rejigged.

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