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    Have read the draft report proposal. Great, that it’s being looked at, and options considered. The “Your Voice” survey is not yet active, despite the public only having until Oct 29th to contribute.

    Am I missing something? I see no reference, within the wrexham.com article, of for that matter within the report, to St Giles Church, (The Parish Church.) One of Wrexhams main historic landmarks, and “tourist attractions”, the grounds of which need urgent attention, as does the external appearance, a clean would not go amiss. What about the bell’s, have not heard a complete peel, in ages or even a uniform hourly ring, what up with them?

    It scares me that heritage, or anything related, should be in the sole hands of a council such as ours.



    See the Public Consultation period CLOSED yesterday, a day BEFORE the Heritage Strategy Report was was “released” and the day before Wrexham.com carried the article. Dosent do much to bolster confidence, does it?


    Council Watcher

    St Giles has more visitors than probably any other place in Wrexham Town particularly with foreign tourists. It is a gem as a historical faith building and venue for many events both with a local context and broader appeal.
    The lack of inclusion in the survey surely is a major oversight or yet again the Council seeing that only their assets are important.
    Incidentally there is a Craft Fair from 10.00am this Saturday in St Giles and some fantastic work being done to create a display of knitted poppies – event on Sunday 11th November 6.00am with Rhos Male Voice Choir and lighting of beacon on the top of the Tower!

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