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    A couple of years ago this was proposed by Wrexham Council , did it ever come to fruition? If they did set it up does it make a profit or loss ? Flintshire have decided to close one they set up.



    Anyone able to answer the question or is it Wrexham’s best kept secret ? Surely Councillors must know what’s going on !

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    Looks like the Council have set up a not for profit Lettings Agency. The initial set up costs were to be in the region of £150,000. Is the Agency covering all its costs going forward or should Wrexham follow Flintshire and abandon the project ? The Council should concentrate on spending on its core essential services in times of severe cuts.


    David Thomas

    Gwynedd council did this with their housing stock and made them a housing association separate from the council, keeping and expanding on the same workforce.

    Their thinking was that with so many properties in much needed repair to meet the housing standard quality they would qualify for European funding to cover costs.
    They are now one of the biggest housing association in Wales and expanding over their borders, having new build sites and having bought stock from other councils.

    With Wrexham council having a larger portfolio of housing stock I would’ve thought they would have followed suit to take advantage of European funding. But it seems not preferring to spend from the public pocket instead on overdue works to provide quality housing.

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    Council Watcher

    This was not a Council decision but the tenants when they voted to remain with the Council rather than do stock transfer

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