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    Wonder why after so long with low community transmission, Wrexham has all of a sudden had a big spike in covid positive cases?



    One obvious answer is schools and colleges — for every person identified who are positive they potentially will have infected between 10 and 15 people.
    With a casein Clywedog and two in Rhosnessni plus others schools in the area it shows there are school transmissions.
    Unfortunately there are likely to be more cases before we see a decrease as we are still low compared with other areas in UK that are on 100+



    Can I ask WHAT IF question?

    If I had a school teacher neighbour who had her boyfriend up from England every weekend “for a shag” and says its ok before his town isn’t in lockdown, what would you do? If I reported her then she would know where it came from.

    Someone on here said that we shouldn’t snitch because everybody needs good neighbours but I think she is selfish and says its only because she wants sex. Sorry to sound sordid but this is how she talks.



    You sound jealous



    WreX-IT it sounds very much like a Vicky Pollard sketch, I can’t help but laugh.

    Yea but no but, Samantha was getting it off behind the bins with Daz when they were meant to be on local lockdown and social distancin’ and then he slipped her with a dose of the Covid.



    I TRY to ask a sensible question and I get childish replies from jimbow and Matt!

    Grow up! And just to let you know, I wouldn’t sh@g her with your d*ck never mind mine so stick that where the monkey sticks his nuts and the sun don’t shine :)



    Come on Wrex-IT, we were taking the very British response of not taking seriously a question of a sexual nature and making light of it.

    If you went back in time to ask yourself say from 2019 before all this happened.

    “Next year in 2020 I’ll have to worry about number 1 my neighbour’s amorous private activities amongst consenting partners and then number 2 discussing it on a public forum with strangers and then number 3 considering contacting local law authorities”.

    Then you’d see how utterly absurd this situation is to yourself and quite frankly all of us. Strange things to have to deal with and strange rules to have to abide by.

    Don’t get me wrong she’s going about it all wrong, she’s broadcasting how she’s breaking the rules and making her own rules and could perhaps be a bit more subtle about it and is effectively rubbing it in people’s faces who are playing by the rules and she’s morally and legally in the wrong in the current bizarre times we’re living in.

    I just think taking the moral high ground of not being a grass and ignoring it is the way forward in this situation. The police are already stretched and have worse criminals to be catching.



    P.s. I’m standing in for Dear Deirdre this week



    Dear dreary,before reading your agony column i was addicted to the hokey cokey,but i’ve turned myself around,and that’s what it’s all about.Thankyou.



    Can we not get back on track with what this thread was all about – I for one don’t wish to read all the drivel that has been posted today. In case people have forgotten we are in the middle of a pandemic that is serious and could make any of us ill or even take our lives.
    The rate of cases are increasing and lots more will become victims in the not too distant future.

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