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    There you go JaneJ, you finally got what you wanted. A complete and utter load of tosh from a government hell bent on destroying our fragile economy with scaremongering tactics. Taking away basic liberty from hard working, honest law abiding people and blaming them for it.



    Where is the rising tide. 3% of tests positive, 2 coughs and a fart and most are over it.



    Pubs re opened 2 months ago. Eat out to help out scheme in full swing. Pubs were packed out, everything was OK.
    3 weeks ago schools, colleges Universities re opened and Covid cases took off.



    Perfectly true Andy. Coleg Cambria right in the town centre was a start.

    Why will they not tell us where the virus is? It only tskes one to come home from holiday abroad with it.

    Wrexham only had 5 cases in the last 24 hour period. Hardly a case for lockdown unless someone knows something we don’t. They didn’t lock us down when there were 300 plus in the Rowan Food outbreak or 80 plus in the Maelor. Although not many of those tested positive in the community they were still there. Why now?

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    Wonder how many cases are in the system and not reported yet. There are delays in we eekend figures appearing perhaps the same now for weekly. Also wxm Maelor will get Flintshire cases as no hospital in thar County.


    Captain C

    Why is it always the governments fault when something is wrong in so many eyes. The Welsh Assembly have ordered the lockdown NOT the Government.



    How come Wrexham is going back into lock down when there are several London Boroughs with far higher infection rates than us and none of them have been put back into lock down?



    Yes it’s crazy, as already stated pub’s restaurants cafe’s etc. have been open for months and cases have been next to nothing,(especially Wrexham) it probably is the schools and university that has got the cases going up, but only slightly.

    The one’s who want everything completely locked down again are probably the ones where their money is guaranteed whatever is shut down.

    But what is the end game ? Zero cases is not going to happen whilst all this testing is happening, it would be the same if they were testing for flu, again there would never be zero cases….. Madness The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    This is what I hate about politicians, there was no warning, the welsh government could have least said last Wednesday or Thursday, “we are watching the situation in North East Wales, & if the numbers continue to rise we will issues a lockdown their as well”, but no, just out of the blue, Wrexham Lockdown??



    It isn’t really a lock down. As far as I can see the only difference is that pubs will close at 10pm & we can’t travel out of the county unneccessarily. All this household & bubble rubbish is so confusing that we haven’t bothered with it in my family. It was just asking for trouble. We have had garden visits from the offset. Might change with the onset of wet weather though.

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