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    Stopping the untalented from moving to the UK to work should help with the A&E figures even though we cannot send back the ones who are already over here.
    We can bring over the professionals we need and make the scrounging UK born dole loungers do unskilled work or stop their benefits.



    Setting a minimum income level at £30k will stop a lot of EU health workers from working for the NHS (and so worsen the staff shortage problem,) while doing little to dent the tiny ‘problem’ of health tourism.



    “We don’t know, as we don’t have the facts, but triage must have decided that it was concerning enough that it needed to be checked out”

    Do Triage actually send anyone home though? I don’t know if they do as they would have worries about being sued in the future?
    It would be interesting for someone (wrexham.com?) to do a FOI request: How many times has Wrexham A&E Triage refused to allow someone to see a Dr as in their opinion medical input is not necessary?


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    I was in A&E a few months ago and they were sending quite a lot of people home, about a third, I would guess.



    How do you know they were sent home by Triage and not just decided to go? Lots go home after being told how long the wait is.

    My neighbour only stubbed her toe but wasn’t sent home by triage and that was despite it only needing a splint had it been actually been fractured ( it was just bruised )




    It is wrong to assume everyone that goes to A & E needs to be seen by a Doctor- the staff who undertake triage are more than adequately qualified to undertake an assessment and give appropriate medical information that may consist of not needing to see a Doctor.
    People should be pleased to see any relevant health professional who can adviser on what action needs to be taken – certainty there will be a number of cases when someone presents who does not need anything other than advice from a Triage Practitioner.
    No medial professional will hold back on making a referral to a more senior person.
    At this time of the year everyone needs to think hard about whether they really need to go to A & E or whether they could wait a few days to see their own Doctor or just go to a Chemist.



    Derek I think that is the beauty of the Triage system – if you really feel you need to be seen by a medical professional – you will be seen no matter how trivial the issue. And if the issue is minor then your penalty there is your time waiting. Anyone who doesn’t want to wait clearly it isn’t important and they can go home and reduce the queue.

    Then ultimately any more urgent cases than the low priority triage queue will always queue jump and be seen more quickly. I feel like the main people who moan about waiting times at A&E are those being impatient who could have waited for the doctor a few days later.

    The fact of the matter is when there are ambulances stacked outside the hospital it’s not because people with sore thumbs and headaches are wasting the vital time of doctors etc… it’s because there are genuinely a large number of critically ill/injured patients who need treatment and stabilising before new ones can be moved in. In that case the people waiting in the ambulances are in the hands of the best life saving people possible – paramedics.



    Janey, because they waited to be seen by triage and then left. Some of them said they were told to go.

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