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    Just spotted this tweet.

    Hubby waited over 5 hrs at A&E today at Wrexham Maelor for treatment went home without being seen. God save the @NHSuk @wrexham

    You have to ask, Was it an emergency then ?

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    We don’t know, as we don’t have the facts, but triage must have decided that it was concerning enough that it needed to be checked out.

    Let’s hope it wasn’t diabetic foot disease with aggressive infection, for example – waiting until the next day could result in amputation or even death.



    Thing is, people completely take the NHS and our A&E access for granted. People moan about waiting times and having to wait a long time to get seen etc…

    But the bottom line is if you are in A&E and you are unwell enough or injured enough that you do need to seek urgent medical attention you will get seen and treated on that day completely free of charge in a clean and sterile environment by some of the best healthcare professionals in the world.

    So I find it utterly absurd when people whine about having to wait x number of hours and then getting typically British naggy about having to wait and then going home – with an ailment so they still have to wait longer in discomfort and then get a doctor’s appointment.

    You take many less developed countries they don’t even have access to the medical facilities we do – they’d be falling over if they heard Brits were cross about having to wait 5+ hours to see a free doctor – when they themselves would either have to pay thousands of pounds to even be seen or end up queuing or travelling for days to the nearest free hospital where they don’t have the cleanliness, staff or medical equipment and people are dying.

    Even in America millions of people can’t afford to seek treatment – they’d feel like they’d been handed a golden ticket if they knew they just had to wait for several hours to get treated for free. People are willing to queue up for several hours for a 3 minute ride at Alton Towers or to get to the front of a concert but not sit in a waiting room to get themselves out of pain and discomfort.

    People need to stop being so arrogant and ungrateful about the NHS because it’s an absolute gift and one of the greatest things about this country. What’s a few hours to wait of your life if it means in some cases where people go home and make the wrong decision and ending up dying – meaning they have no hours of life to live. Ludicrous.

    On top of that the reason people who aren’t having a heart attack or have critical injuries – they are waiting for very important reasons – in that time actual lives are being saved. Surely you’d want to wait a few extra hours knowing in doing so other people got to live.



    I have personally had enough experience with A & E as Matt says, that if there is a life threatening problem you will be seen pretty much straight away, I know its not very good to have to wait in any case but..

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    Matt, as I have previously said, people from abroad come HERE for the reasons that you have listed!

    We have a GREAT service but it is under resourced and the influx of migrant ‘workers’ has only added to demand for the NHS, whether it be the doctors, dentist or hospital.

    Plans to build new homes in Wrexham will further increase waiting times so people need to be prepared for long waits. One man’s emergency is another man’s 6 hour wait.

    Hope there wasn’t anything xenophobic there. I am just stating facts.

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    I’ve said everything I need to RE: immigration.

    Obviously goes without saying that an increase in local housing will put a strain on local health service provision both emergency and non-emergency (doctors surgeries).

    But that isn’t a new issue – it’s one that’s been going on for a century or more – towns and cities expand – public services need to be increased accordingly to match. It’s not rocket science. If councillors and town planners, Welsh Assembly etc… want North Wales to flourish then and make Local Development Plans work – then they need to put their money where their mouth is and invest by expanding the current 3 major hospitals or build another one to deal with capacity.

    Otherwise the Welsh will become health tourists themselves across in England.



    We in the north of Wales are already health tourists to England. Alder Hey, Broad Green, Christies, Gobowen to name a few hospitals we use. Some of us realised that the Welsh Assembly in charge of the NHS in Wales wouldn’t work for north of the country.

    I suspect that it is what Councillor X is trying to say.


    Council Watcher

    I would not call someone a Health Tourist for going to the hospitals that have been mentioned in England – they are fantastic Centres of Excellence delivering a service that could never be undertaken in North Wales. Many of the specialist teams operating in these hospitals are world leaders in their medical knowledge.
    Even if the money was available to build fantastic state of the art facilities we just do not have enough specialist Doctors and health professionals to staff any new facilities.
    If you had the choice of a specialist procedure being done at the Maelor by a surgeon that does that type of operation once/twice a month or someone that dioes it daily/weekly- I know where I would want to go and it would not be local. We all ned to face uop to it that the distance to travel tio get the best in the country becomes a secondary thought compared with knowing you will be getting the best level of treatment.



    Exactly so Council Watcher. They are Centres of Excellence & as such should be accessible to all.



    When Migrant workers in the UK, many in low-paid jobs, are sending £8bn a year to support families in their home countries, is it any wonder why we have a CRISIS in the NHS?

    More people entering the country than leaving and all requiring access to health services ….

    Namby pambies need to grow a pair and admit they are wrong. People voted OUT of the EU to ‘help’ the NHS …… but its layer on layer of lies.

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