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    Bubble you’ve hit the nail right on head there – hence my original questioning about the actual intentions of a post regarding foreigners.



    Yes, it seemed that some people were very quick to blame it on “the foreigners”.



    What about the impact the prison has on the Maelor Hospital.?


    Maureen Gray

    Last week my 84yr old dad had a fall and banged and cut his head, luckily a neighbour with good first aid skills came to his aid, bandaged his head and called an ambulance about 2:45pm.
    We then waited about 2 hours – but eventually, a first responder car arrived, and the paramedic treated him for his injuries. It was decided that he should go into A&E for tests [head injury and odd ECG results] and the paramedic rang for an ambulance about 5pm and due to his condition waited with him. The ambulance arrived at 8pm and dad was taken to the hospital.
    So, a first responder paramedic & her vehicle were [although much needed] tied up for an extra 3 hours.
    The ambulance paramedics told me that there were 13 ambulances parked up outside A&E at the Maelor.and there will be ‘a delay’ but it was felt dad would be better monitored and treated in the ambulance than to sit and wait in the waiting room.
    At 2pm he was admitted to Majjors in A&E. So, a frontline ambulance and 2 paramedics were tied up for an extra 6 hours.
    I want to make it perfectly clear that all 3 paramedics concerned did a brilliant job and looked after my dad in both in a professional and friendly manner.
    My point here is obviously over the time taken in the first responder’s arrival, the time taken for the ambulance’s arrival and the delay to be admitted at the hospital.
    Two issues – the delay could have affected my dad’s health but also the waste of much needed resources although I want to make it 100% clear that I am not complaining about any of the staff involved as they all do a great job and are as frustrated as any patient or family member.
    I know there are many procedures and guidelines in place on arrival at A&E, including waiting, triage, waiting, assessment, waiting, treatment and hopefully sent home. One answer for ambulance arrivals would be to have an arrivals lounge/ward for those who need to be monitored or lie down or who could not just sit and wait. Their triage has already been carried out by the paramedics so the urgency for treatment has been assessed.
    Obviously, there is a high cost to anything NHS related, for example a fully kitted ambulance costs approx. £250,000, include staff cost, add on the cost of an arrivals lounge, staff and equipment – approx. £500 per patient per night – £182,500 per year – but the damage in terms of lives and injuries is much higher.
    You may think I am talking utter drivel here, but these costs are chicken feed compared to preparing for and talking / squabbling about Brexit that is already costing the public purse £500m a week right now!


    Council Watcher

    I think the point to note on the last post is that it was safer and probably a lot more comfortable to be kept in the ambulance with very attentive staff — if he had gone into A & E his observations by staff would not have been as frequent due to staff pressures. Having a communal area for those discharged from an ambulance has a variety of medical reasons why this would not be advisable.

    One of the key issues what I put in the very first post – there is a shortage of staff through not being able to attract them into Wrexham- the funding is there as the jobs are on the Betsi web site.

    Regarding foreign visitors I do think people need to think very hard about this next time they go to hospital or a GP for treatment or examination – very many will be foreign who have lived in this country for many years or born here — and yes they will have relatives from abroad that come here for a holiday . Do you want to stop their relatives from coming here?



    Maureen, a similar thing happened to me although the first responder was prompt as was the ambulance that she sent for.

    I signed myself out as after a 3 hour wait in an ambulance queue I was much better and feeling guilty for keeping the paramedics from other more serious cases. I left with a promise to visit my GP first thing in the morning for the same tests that I would have received in A & E.

    I too wondered why a room could not be set to one side with similar equipment, releasing ambulances & staff, even if a couple of paramedics took turns to man it. The reason for ambulance queues is because whilst in the ambulance, patients are being monitored. Patients waiting in A & E are triaged on arrival in much the same way & would be assessed for monitoring accordingly. Multiply my ambulance by those waiting, that was 12 paramedics & 6 ambulances out of action with more still in Maureen’s case.



    Despite having one of the largest Industrial Estate in Europe, Wrexham seemingly was ‘in the dark’ when the EU borders came down and thousands of migrant workers descended on the town. Absolutely no planning whatsoever…
    We just couldn’t cope. A ‘Mickey Mouse’ bus service 5-miles away from the town centre and railway station etc. Nothing has changed in 2018…
    Anti-social problems with parking, HMO’s etc etc It’s been a disaster!
    The Maelor Hospital was struggling back then. The population had outgrown the Hospital. Admissions from barmouth, Bala etc. Now, there’s 6 ambulance visits a day at HMP Berwyn…

    There’s been absolutely no planning whatsoever. Biggest Industrial Estate in Europe. Biggest Super Prison in Europe… Biggest neglect as well. We could do with a second hospital in Wrexham now.



    When I last visited A+E there were lots of Foreigners there.
    One bandged my arm and another gave me an X-Ray examination.

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    I admire and respect those skilled “foreigners” working for the NHS.

    My problem is with the unskilled workers who use of precious A&E resources BUT are only here because local people don’t want to do the jobs they came over to do and are happy as Larry on the dole.

    If you want to point the finger, it is the soft Government who make rods for their own backs by letting everyone in and giving them homes and access to the NHS.

    Good job BREXIT is stopping this and ploughing the money save back into the NHS [cue dream sequence]

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    My problem is with the unskilled workers who use of precious A&E resources BUT are only here because local people don’t want to do the jobs they came over to do and are happy as Larry on the dole.

    This is actually incredible. You have a problem with people who come over here and work hard and actually earn money to pay their way doing the type of jobs that slack British wasters are too lazy to do? You mean the kings and queens of all resource waste. Why should those lazy scroungers have more of a right to access the health service just because they happened to be born in a geographic location similar to your own when they are putting nothing in vs actual workers. Cut off the bloody NHS to lazy people first.

    Dole scroungers don’t pay council tax, so they are causing budget cuts across Wrexham, they are taking council homes rent free from working families who can’t afford to buy a house and get a mortgage and are instead forced to pay inflated private rental rates. They pay in zero tax and national insurance.

    Even if there were zero migrants in the country, these lazy buggers still wouldn’t do the factory jobs, the fruit picking and all the other unpopular jobs because they are a waste of space. I applaud all these workers who want to come over and add to the economy.

    The way you go on about Top Management and value hard work from councillors, public sector workers etc… – Councillor X, I thought it would be logical for you to value individuals on a work ethic basis first regardless of ethnic background or migrant status or skill level VERSUS people who want something for nothing and cost the rest of us money and take but don’t never back.

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