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    Good to see a local councillor announcing that his very own WCBC have received the ‘Worse Road Works of the Year! Award’ for Acrefair (Llangollen Rd) in its 3rd week, when the sign says 2 weeks starting 19th Oct. Typical vote grabbing and blinkered reaction really – why not do something useful and contact the relevant Council department, find out the facts and put out an update on the situation and how best for the locals to deal with it.

    I personally don’t think it helps when Wxm.com put out headlines like this :

    Wrexham Roadworks Update: 25 / 35 / 45 / 155 etc etc – Sets Scheduled This Week
    A busy week for roadworks in Wrexham this week – so as usual expect some delays and diversions in some parts of the County Borough.

    The way this is publicised makes it sound like there are numerous numbers of roadworks taking place in the town centre, cause a lot of people only read the large print, when the truth is it is spread throughout the county – from Lavister / Holt / Bronington – Overton – Chirk – Llanarmon DC – Trevor – Bwlchgwyn – Cefn y Bedd – Llay and all areas within!

    These works have to be done, and there is usually a reason why it over runs, but maybe WCBC needs to update the public better too!



    Regarding this particular set of roadworks, the immediate area around the junction was in quite a bad way (by by no means the worst bit of road in the county) but a much longer length of road has been resurfaced – which is OK it will need doing one day.
    I don’t think anyone minds the road being resurfaced, it’s the delays being caused by the traffic lights which seem to spend a very long time on red in all directions.
    It does seem to take a very long time to resurface a road in Wrexham – 3 weeks now for Llangollen Road. Was it about 5 weeks just to do the crossroads in Johnstown? If it lasts for years I suppose it’s worth it….



    3 weeks now for Llangollen Road. Was it about 5 weeks just to do the crossroads in Johnstown?

    Yet Mold road was completely resurfaced in effectively 5 days. No work was carried out for 5 days between commencing. A far bigger job than the two you mentioned. Is the difference hourly pay versus paid for the job?

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