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    The officers and Lead Member Joan Lowe should come out of their offices and meet face to face with the people who could be affected by the farcical review that has already determined services will be cut even before the proper consultation has taken place.
    The statement made by the Councillor about consultations taking place – total farcical statement – she should ask her officers when having these taken place, who attended and how many?
    The people benefiting from the Work Opps services are often very vulnerable and need support-yes there are needs for budget cuts but looking at some of the other areas in the Council cuts could be found.
    Come on Council Members do your best and look closely at this planned cut.



    Clr Lowe won’t even come out & speak to the people in Penycae, her own constituents without full backing of a community council meeting.

    So best of luck anyone else getting her out of her bunker – especially if it’s not going to be something comfortable.

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