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    Saw a woman in town today, going up to everybody she passed…saying…”Can you give me a pound, so I can use the phone”……
    Some people said they would use their mobile for her to make a call…..She spoke on their phone…Then went off asking for money for the phone again….
    I watched her for about 10 minutes, as I was waiting for somebody…..
    SO…Where are the police, who are supposed to be patrolling the town centre ???


    Rex Ham

    Oh please, it’s hardly the crime of the century. Tell her to bugger off if she approaches you.


    Travis Bickle

    Is this Woman Dark Haired, slight and aged around 50…by any chance?



    She came up to me Thursday evening about 6.15 at the car park by old Kwiks



    Every night last week I got approached in the bus station – the lady had reddish hair, I offered to call someone from my mobile for her but she rejected and moved on to the next person..



    I know who you mean Tinkz. She’s just a beggar. She’s has red hair, in her 30’s perhaps, usually wearing capris/short trousers with her ankles showing even in cold weather (I always think she looks very presentable hence why most people fall for her scheme). Her patch is usually on King street by the bus station or a few days ago she was asking for 80p’s down by Subway on High Street as she didn’t have enough for ‘her bus home’. Normally she’s asking for money in general but she once asked me to buy her phone’s memory card for £10 so she could ‘get a taxi home’. She’s never aggressive…that’s a plus at least.


    Hey, I’ve seen this woman around my house too! Dark, long hair, in her late 30’s perhaps, usually wearing short trousers with her nickers showing even in cold weather, asking for money(I always think she looks very presentable hence why I fall for her scheme). Oh hang on, thats the wife!!



    They’re still active. One middle aged woman approached me a few weeks ago on Lord St, just outside the Co-Op, asking if I could spare a pound for the bus.
    I said I didn’t think so and by the time I took the change out of my pocket to check, she’d walked off.
    However, just after I’d come out of the sweet shop around the corner, she found me again.
    “You’re the one who was going to give me a pound weren’t you?”
    Gave her one, and she walked away with a murmer of thanks.
    Has another woman ask me today, by the bus station, asking for a pound for the bus (déjà vu). I just said no and carried on walking.



    Yes, she’s the one that has approached me several times either asking for money or to use my mobile phone.

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