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    Hopefully they will be more like ones you see across the country on building sites, that are equipped with kitchens, toilets and heating.

    There are photographs on the planning application of them kitted out. I do not know how to show them on here, but have a look for yourself.

    BBC Was quoting these ones that have been already used in Newport. It is the equivalent of a small flat.



    Council Watcher

    Containers are certainly not a new idea and have been used for at least 10 years in a number of cities- one of the key issues though is Wrexham Council are buying these in ready-made- delivery mid to late April after the cold weather so may not deal with current issues.
    The current issue of additional demand has partly been met by the church community over the past few nights who have opened doors to provide additional accommodation.
    The real success stories for containers this is been the homeless themselves do the conversion – this can give them a sense of order and belonging to respect ‘their’ container more.

    Let’s praise the Council- Welsh Government who are actually funding this project (it is not coming from normal rates but as a grant). Next time though look at models that have made a real difference to people’s lives and address some of the social issues other than just accommodation.



    I have a concern that Rhosddu Colliery Road Chapel is being considered for the less vulnerable homeless to sleep. It is not in my back yard but I am concerned for the elderly and disabled people living in the vicinity as I have an elderly relative close by. I wonder what the term less vulnerable homeless means.



    As I have alluded to in a previous post I am not against the use of containers to provide accommodation for the homeless.

    What does concern me is that Wrexham could become the centre for more homeless people from surrounding areas, due to the innovation of this project.

    I believe that Welsh Government should make each Council in Wales do as they do with the traveller community. Make it a law that each Council make their own container provision for the homeless, rather than saturate one area.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    They’re not converted shipping containers at The Maelor. They’re custom-built portable theatres.



    some night in the near future the the local authority just might decide to shut them in and lock the doors of the containers,, mark them, for onward shipping to Libya and solve the dosser problem for good.




    Well, you can have the homeless in doorways near Specsavers and along Island green, or you can have them in containers. It’s not a problem that’s going to magic itself away, and it’s not one you can just sweep under the carpet and ignore.

    Containers seem to be a decent, low-cost solution to a problem that’s very much in your face if you go into the town centre as I have just done. I counted 7 homeless people, and I only walked from Island green up to McD’s and out by Avow.

    As for “SEND THEM ALL BACK” in all caps – Wrexham is more than capable of making it’s own homeless and drug users, so take your rose tinted glasses and fuck off if you have nothing to add that requires the use of more than 3 braincells.

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