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    https://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/other/pharmaceutical-giant-roche-and-welsh-government-at-loggerheads-over-collapsed-covid-19-testing-deal/ar-BB122cTP “A spokeswoman from Roche Diagnostics said: “We maintain that Roche never had a contract or agreement directly with Wales to supply testing for COVID-19.”



    The idea that somebody would declare that they thought they had a contract with a specific company when nothing of the sort actually took place is, of course, absolutely ludicrous. I believe the WAG, even as someone who thinks they’re stuffed with red Tories.

    Whether or not there was a legal contract would be a matter for a court, but the WAG probably and understandably decided they had better things to do at this time.

    I for one am not giving the Westminster government the benefit of the doubt.

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    Llayby lilly

    Thanks Zinger for that one!

    Timmy, you really are a typical leftie, for once in your life admit that WAG have cocked it up!

    I bet you still believe Kinnock didn’t flout the rules and regs when he drove a few hundred mile to sing happy birthday to his olde dad?




    But he did very much indeed flout the rules and Starmer should have punished him for it. Furthermore, Starmer is a brazen hypocrite for not doing so.

    Next, the WAG may have made a number of mistakes, but I am satisfied that they had a deal with Roche that was rudely interrupted by Whitehall.

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