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    Ioan y Ffin

    It was always going to harder to take the foot off the brakes and loosen the restrictions than impose them in the first place. Drakeford doesnt have easy job, meanwhile our Police & Crime Commissioners are playing to the gallery if they think imposing heavier and heavier fines will persuade the selfish, the misguided and the misinformed to stay at home. The reasons behind any fraying of the lockdown are the mixed messages coming from governments, the different rules, the media, the inconsistencies in each nation’s rules, the fine weather, two May bank holidays, complacency, etc etc.

    The Nats are obsessed with English day trippers but we live on the border and England is local to here. Serious people should be focused on how we save the economy and the environment, rather either obsessing about their rights to get a tan on the beach or condemning those who are lying out on the sands.

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    I miss the pub, I miss visiting and being visited but I am happy to sit it out until it is safe rather than risk it and harm or potentially kill someone because of my selfish actions.

    I would hate to be living under English rules but the next few weeks will tell us which, if any, of the home countries got it right.

    Observe the rules and play the game. I want to live to a ripe old age and go into a safe OAP Home and be an even more miserable old b@stard than I am now. I want Matt to visit me twice a week and sneak in a few tinnies or a bottle of whisky so we can laff about the Lockdown years and how Councillors and Top Management used to park their cars instead of Zooming each other.. whatever the funk that is all about.


    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.


    Most of the ranters on here have missed the main point. The undeniable fact is that local people are no longer generally sticking to the regulations. This is clearly obvious on the streets. So the ranters that stay home do not see what is actually happening. England have given a bit of slack and people will generally be sensible. Locally people are being sensible but are adopting the English rules as there own, as promoted by BBC Wales every day in the showing of the national CV update, without warning of non-applicability to Wales.

    The best way is to treat people with responsibility – this will have to happen at some time, the sooner we get used to it, the less jobs will be lost, the less mental damage will be inflicted and the sooner the economy recovers for us all. All this with no additional threat.



    Like Councillor X I am content to sit it out until there is a vaccine. We are the lucky ones because we are not alone.
    We have a good family who make sure that we aren’t short of anything & we see them from a distance when they make a delivery but not everyone is so lucky.

    My worry is for those pensioners who live alone & don’t use computers. They must really feel isolated.



    We just need to sit tight and wait for this thing to either pass or become manageable!

    Spain had it right: A total lockdown where there were no blurred lines! Spain is now getting back on their feet slowly but surely.

    What did UK do? We allowed people out jogging and cycling!

    This dragged on because the lockdown was not strict enough. I see the new cases daily in Wrexham and wonder if everyone is observing the rules then where they are catching it from? I am assuming most new cases must be carers or medical staff? Or are the supermarkets riddled with virus?



    “England have given a bit of slack and people will generally be sensible. Locally people are being sensible”

    Have you seen the news? Literally hundreds of thousands of “sensible” people sitting shoulder to shoulder on beaches and parks. Devon and Cornwall totally gridlocked, people partying and cuddling in Hyde park. It’s this sort of behaviour that will lead to a 2nd peak and a 2nd lockdown. I’m afraid that generally under intentionally confusing instruction have shown that they have no common sense.



    What we are seeing is mission creep. When we went into lockdown we were warned people will die. Unfortunately, in the real world that is what happens during pandemics. The idea was to flatten the curve so the health service was not at the point the resources were insufficient and it could not cope. The lockdown was not to prevent the inevitable death of the predominantly old and people with underlying conditions. Fortunately, the health service held up and nobody was denied a respirator or treatment, despite the long term mismanagement by the Welsh assembly of the Welsh NHS.

    We are now at the point the health service is starting to resume normal business. We did not need the temporary hospitals. We tamed the curve- mission complete. If we need to in the future we can just as easily go into a new lockdown then.

    People who think we can wait for a vaccine before we end the lockdown are deluded. It might be a long way off or never happen. At some point the quality of life for the whole of society over the next decades needs considering and not the death rate. It is easy to say the rate of ‘R’ or number of deaths but far more difficult to quantify the reduction in quality of life over the next few decades if we do not move forward

    Drakeford is playing politics. Give a man with no power too much they go power hungry. However, look at the socialist assembly record. Wales has already fallen behind the UK in terms of the only significant devolved responsibilities of health and education. Drakeford is about to make things much worse when the students fall behind those in England and the Welsh economy further crippled. It might be his intention because then he has the excuse to use his power to raise the income tax in Wales to show its ‘successful’ devolution.

    In my mind, the recent political decisions will focus people minds that The labour ran assembly needs kicking out in the next election – they are already scared after seeing the last general election results. The labour ideology of the last century is not relevant to modern society. Even the Welsh and North England working class have opened their eyes and are turning their backs to it.

    The recent welsh labour decisions shows we also need to reconsider devolution. Few of us wanted it and the time is ripe for a call for a new referendum. Labour love referendums unless they know their only political foothold will be lost.

    As for the police crime commissioner, despite the tag line ‘former senior police inspector’ remember he was only an Inspector, 6 ranks from the top of the force and 2 from the bottom. He has forgotten his job is to scrutinise the police not try to run it. It is obvious why he is calling for extra fines etc – To try to get votes as he knows if it was not for the virus the pcc election would be over, and he would be out of office. He knows that because he has Just got rid of his deputy

    We seem on this forum to have people who cannot think themselves but just spout the same message about deaths, respirators etc. They are spurned on by those in their echo chamber and the panic generated by the media. They are too focused on saving themselves due to their fear of death. If you run from the risk of death because you are frightened of it you will be running and scared for the rest of your life. Use you common sense, consider the the future wellbeing of this country. However, I expect you are the ones who can sit at home, or expect someone else to pay the taxes for your decisions, or claiming every penny you can from the state.

    The time for nanny state to wrap you up in cotton wool has now finished. Get out there responsible thing, not only for you and your family, but society.



    Wrexhamuser, you make a broad range of assumptions on people across the UK who have been forced into furlough or forced into applying for Universal Credit because their main means to earn money to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads no longer exists and because Covid-19 has such a massive impact on the entire global economy some people’s livelihoods have gone for the foreseeable future even if all lockdown regulations are relaxed.

    Large PLCs are laying off tens of thousands of staff to streamline their operations in a post lockdown environment and it’s helping their share price improve but those without jobs will have nowhere to go as their industries have been decimated. What’s going to happen to all the flight attendants, travel agents, entertainment industry staff if activities won’t go ahead or will go ahead at a massively reduced rate for 12 months +. Even Rolls Royce is laying off thousands of skilled engineers.

    Likewise on the smaller end of the scale there are millions of self employed whose businesses have effectively evaporated – the majority can’t afford to lose all their clients for several months and expect enough goodwill and gesture in place for everyone to flood back again once it’s safe to do so. Some people will be leveraging debt and all the liability falls on them and they’ll lose their livelihoods and even their homes.

    It’s not the case of we lift lockdown and it’s some kind of magic wand that returns everything to normal. These people will need support until suitable alternative employment can be found.

    Echo chambers are typically considered to be small and insular, yet even if you check on polls on right wing papers such as the Sun and the Daily Mail – there is an overwhelming urge by the public across all demographics for us to continue to stay safe and approach easing lockdown with caution.

    It’s kind of difficult to view anyone speaking about doing things for the good of society by getting out there when THOSE that are getting out there seem inherently stupid and moronic. So you’ll have to get people with your own viewpoint to start coming across in a less headless chicken manner before the rest of us follow suit.

    Can someone tell me how everyone rushing to the same beaches where shops and bars and restaurants and hotels are all closed is doing anything to boost the economy?

    I personally am not scared of death myself, but taking only intelligent steps and decisions about what is a good idea or a bad idea helps protect my family who rightly would be concerned about dying as it’s a rational instinct. Also in principle prolonging life so you can spend a great number more years contributing to society and the economy – survival of the fittest. Seems like a much better idea than being a whimsical pilchard rushing out to the beach to get sunburned and infected just because I was asked to stay indoors for a bit.

    Everyone knows that a vaccine is probably not plausible but it’s equally not safe to throw caution to the wind yet either.

    It’s more apparent that you have an axe to grind against Welsh Labour and the Plaid Cymru commissioner and even the right to allow decisions about Wales to be made in Wales. Even if you don’t agree with Welsh Labour politics and North Wales Plaid Politics there is nothing to suggest that either Welsh Tories or Westminster Tories wouldn’t do anything worse than create a national disaster for us.

    Since 2010 when David Cameron formed the Lab Lib coalition there has been nothing but austerity for Wrexham and North Wales and a catalogue of disasters one after the other under him, Theresa May and now Boris Johnson. The only Tory loving the ten year list of horrors this Trio of Prime Ministers is Maggie sadly no longer with us, as their shitshow imprinted on multiple generations is making her crimes fade into the history books and out of people’s memories as being the very worst of times for this country.

    You can attack R numbers, you can attack concerns over respirators and claim people are cowards for not wanting to leave their homes – but at the end of the day – these are the sound guiding principles people have been given in Wales to live day to day life by. So you can be Johnny Maverick all you want, but until you are cocksure enough to give use a picture where we can see you strutting about on the crowded beach of your choice – your statements are to be considered pure bravado.



    The part where he treats older people and those with underlying conditions as ‘crew expendable’ is especially appalling.

    The irony is that, far from thinking for himself, all of his high-minded ‘independent’ thought has been plagiarised from right-wing rags and their counterfeit intellectuals. Mixing some truths in with some convenient hateful and divisive lies and false principles.

    The world is whatever we make it, but entitled right-wingers appoint themselves as the arbiters of what they claim is ‘the real world.’

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    We have all in general decided on mass to end tight lockdown. Fir our sanity

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