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    Who is going to tell the parish councillor, headmaster style pensioner Mark Drakeford that his lockdown has ended ?

    Anyone who has been out and about over the last couple of days can see what appears to be a normal level of activity. BBC wales carries the UK Gov, CV update every day with the English rules – no banner saying that these don’t apply in Wales. If it’s against the law to break the rules, it against the law for BBC to promote them without qualification.

    The UK Government got it right for England, if you don’t give people a bit of ‘hope and rope’ the lockdown will break -It has now broken. So, over to Ken Skates, it appears he has the ear of Drakeford – Tell him its over and it’s his fault. The sooner we get rid of the stupid, out of touch, aged, village idiot the better.



    Yea the new rules are going well in England:

    Lemmings at the beach.

    But we’ll let you get on with your usual rant.



    More completely normal and rational behaviour going on in England:

    Reports of 3 hour queues at other McDonald’s in England today.



    “stupid, out of touch, aged, village idiot”, pot and kettle comes to mind.



    We have one of the worst Covid-19 death rates in both Europe and the world.

    Contemptible threads like this are irresponsible and add insult to the brutal injury suffered by all these people.

    Johnson has had about 10 weeks off in the 22 weeks since he was elected. That’s not counting the time when he was supposed to be in charge, but was nowhere to be seen.

    He has heeded bad advice like ‘herd immunity,’ ignored good advice, like the WHO saying ‘test, test, test,’ and he has done vital things, like lockdown, way too late.

    Now it looks like he’s easing lockdown too early.


    The unfortunate fact is we do not have a credible leader who the majority of the population will follow. We have a leader with as much Charisma as a Church gargoyle and as much leadership as a rear gunner. The last incumbent had good leadership qualities. The unfortunate fact is that most ranters responses demonstrate sound but idealistic views that are only shared by purists. We are dealing will people, from young to old, and any psychologist will tell you you have to give rope and hope. this is the best way of preventing contagion.




    Stay home, stay safe and do everything to avoid a second wave of this novel virus.



    I have been working out the average daily admissions to hospital for those testing positive for the virus in the 2 areas which boarder Wales in this area, they being Cheshire West and Shropshire, and then factored in those for Wrexham ( Calculations are per head of population of those areas, the figures supplied by the government not the Office of National Statistics, which I believe are more accurate picture.) For the period of the 7th to 13th May : Wrexham 9 Shropshire 15 Cheshire West 8. Week 14th to 20th May : Wrexham 9 Shropshire 12 Cheshire West 11.
    Figures for the 21st are Wrexham 2 Shropshire 14 Cheshire West 15.
    Now readers can read into those figures what they want, but it will be interesting in 3 weeks to review the figures for the English areas who have had restrictions relaxed against those in Wales.



    Ranters? The original post and every single thread you have ever created on this forum is a massive rant.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love a good rant on here as well, but you can hardly call people out for when your behaviour is textbook ranting. Also, posted responses to your initial rant provide things like observation, insight and actual facts.

    Whereas you just seem to obsessively make ad hominem arguments against the Welsh First Minister that have nothing to do with the effectiveness of keeping Welsh people safe – in fact saving your bacon, as I imagine you’d be first onto the beach with 100 of your most educated friends ever so religiously observing the whole social distancing as if people aren’t dying. I’ll give you a rant.

    If you give people hope and rope they’ll end up hanging themselves with it. The average person cannot be trusted with their own health and safety, or that of their families or anyone else in the general public. This is why we need rules and laws that are simple and easy to follow.

    Otherwise you end up with Sheriff Bozo’s Wild West in England when everyone thinks essential travel for exercise includes 10,000 people descending on Southend & Bournemouth beaches to get sunburnt 15cm apart.

    Essential travel for food means herding yourself into a traffic queue for 3 hours for some chicken nuggets that are worse than the cheapest frozen nuggets you can get from a discount supermarket. Whilst also blocking off the highway stopping people who have to work from getting where they need to be and vital emergency services.

    Absolutely selfish families bringing Devon and Cornwall to its knees by traffic jamming 2 counties and then flaunting rules by camping overnight. The police can do nothing but issue £70 fines and turn cars round hoping they won’t find a back route in anyway. At least in North Wales there is an effective stay out power and message to protect people from those acting like plague carrying parasites from coming in and raising the R number. These selfish folks with raised temperatures and coughs don’t care if they come and kill someone’s grandma or a care worker or a nurse because they feel well enough to drive on a nice day. They should be self isolating for 2 weeks but want to spread it about.

    Of course you are so high and mighty you will have something clever to tell us all, about how wrong we are, but from where I’m sitting, I’d rather be in Wales now, at home and alive than being a sunburned lobster on an English beach with the infected. Beaches will all be here later in the year and next year without added death risk.



    For those on the thread who think it’s all over May as well get the contact details for Caldicotts, Roberts Bros or another undertaker as YOUR family will need one soon. Remember only 10 of YOUR family will be able to say good bye. That’s assuming you haven’t infected them as well. Maybe negotiate a bulk discount for multiple deaths.

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