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    Don’t worry on my account Lilly. Now the results of last Thursday are known and you and your chums are slowly calming down from your chest beating, back slapping euphoria, Boris is getting to work on his devious hidden agenda that you’ve failed to acknowledge or recognise.
    The administration is less than a week old and it has already been announced that there will be amendments to the Withdrawal Bill. Erosion of workers rights, less attention to the environment amongst other troubling issues.
    You maybe in a position to ride with it and take the ‘I’m alright Jack attitude’ but there are many in our society that aren’t, and it is to those that I feel we have a duty both as a caring society and as human beings.
    Many of your ilk and political persuasion will not think twice when people start losing their jobs, benefits for those in need are drastically cut and the climate is changed beyond all recognition- you live for the now, not the future.
    But one day soon, it will start to affect you and you will rue the day that you played a part in electing a bumbling idiot who two main aims are to further his own political ambitions and to help his billionaire chums.
    I take no satisfaction in stating the obvious- you have been deceived on a grand scale and quite frankly, deserve all the ills that are likely to befall this nation for years to come.


    I’m sat here in me SS officers uniform, just loving it me.


    Anyway, look on the bright side, Emily Thornberry has chucked her hat into the leadership contest.

    That alone should regain the white van driver vote for Labour!

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