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    @cmaj76 12042 wrote:

    And how many cyclists in Wrexham understand the meaning of this traffic signal?

    Oh, my aching sides. How amusing. You must have been watching “Top Gear” again. And of course you NEVER see a motorist jumping red lights do you?

    As I keep saying, the rules of the road apply to ALL road users. Get used to it and respect each other.


    Whilst I have watched Top Gear, I have also had the misfortune of watching cyclists regularly running through red lights around Wrexham. I have seen cars and cyclists slamming on brakes and swerving to avoid collisions and have even witnessed cyclists abusing ‘bloody car drivers’ when the driver has legitimately passed through a green light.

    Also, yes I have witnessed car drivers jumping red lights (which I treat with exactly the same disdain) but with nowhere near the same regularity as cyclists. One thing nobody wants to watch is an accident caused by any road user not following traffic signals.



    @j0nh 12018 wrote:

    The one at B&Q everyOne get in the CHESTER LANE and turn for chirk. Muppets

    At last, someone who knows how to drive in Wrexham. If I want to go to Mold or Chirk, I have to put down my offside drivers window so that I can explain to the driver in the Chester lane why I have had to blow my horn to stop them from colliding with my vehicle when they try to enter the lane I am in when the want to go to Mold or even worse Chirk. I do believe Kermit would have a better understanding of the signage.



    What has cyclists and red lights got to do about roundabout lane markings?

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    What’s the difference between red and green ?

    **ck-all according to cyclists.




    Maybe all the bad drivers are just cyclists when they’re in their cars.



    Can we just agree to criticise bad ROAD USERS rather than singling out cyclists. I have experiences seeing poor drivers of cars, vans, buses and lorries who are likely to cause me significant harm. And yes, some cyclists deserve your wrath, and rightly so but they are by no means the only poor ROAD USERS each of us comes across.



    It’s just a basic fact that a cyclist (and indeed motorcyclist) is at much more risk than someone on four wheels so instead of raging just tut and drive on, there’s not really anything else you can do. Some cyclists may do annoying things, so do some pedestrians, so do some drivers. There is absolutely no point in singling any group out as there are idiots in all walks of life.

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