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    Does anyone know when the Western Gateway will be completed?
    Traffic congestion at peak times just gets worse and the area is being developed adding to the problems.

    From 2004

    The A483 junctions currently operate at or near capacity and improvements are required. In
    particular a major capacity improvement is needed at the junction of the A483 and Ruthin
    Road. It is essential that this latter improvement is implemented to enable any significant
    additional built development to take place within the Western Gateway. A plan showing the
    Council’s preferred improvement scheme for the A483/A525 junction is attached as Appendix
    4.6The roundabouts on Watery Road and Ruthin Road also operate at or near capacity and some
    improvements will be required in order to accommodate the additional traffic generated by new
    development in the Western Gateway area. Watery Road itself, including the level crossing
    over the railway, is inadequate to cater for significant increases in traffic. It is unlikely that there will be any opportunities to secure substantial improvements and it is therefore essential
    that highway schemes elsewhere within the Western Gateway have the capacity to
    accommodate the additional vehicle movements generated by all the new developments.




    Nobody care and because of this the problem will just get worse.



    Can’t blame the Council on this one they have been waiting for Welsh Government to approve a scheme and grant fund the capital works.

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