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    The only real people on this entire forum are Daave and Sheefag. Everyone else is either a Russian bot or Cllr Pritchard in disguise. I’m actually a Russian Cllr Pritchard.


    Council Watcher

    Dobro pozhalovat’, tovarishch, priyatno znat’, chto yest’ druz’ya, u menya yest’ druz’ya zdes —

    Welcome comrade nice to know there are fellows I have friends on here


    The Speaking Truth

    After watching the last council
    Meeting webcast. I find it strange that Plaid go on about IPads ect, yet the council are required to use headphones for 1 person who speaks Welsh when he feels like doing so. Surely this comes at a cost? I’m not against Welsh speaking but there’s some hypocrisy when doing it to suit, especially when the tax payer has to fund the bill for equipment to enable translation.

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