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    Can I add my congratulations to Dylan Jones ( and his team ) for his prestigious award from his fellow professionals. He was certainly very helpful in helping our volunteer team in turning what could have been a great disappointment,a library closure in Gresford to a community resource.
    Gresford and District Community Library (GDCL) is thriving and into it’s third year of operation but may never have got off the starting blocks without Dylan’s help.



    Are we talking about Dylan Hughes – Welsh Librarian of the Year Andrew or Dylan Jones?



    Thanks Zinger ,

    It was of course Hughes and not Jones,

    Congratulations again to Dylan Hughes and his team



    Dylan Jones comment! This is really good that Dylan Hughes’s professional work is well recognised outside of Wrexham such a pity his services are nearly over in Wrexham as he is shortly to leave as part of the staffing cuts in the Council and the creation of the Library Trust. So ironic that someone who has devoted so much to Wrexham and the Welsh Libraries service and the development of the Wrexham Library and Culture Trust concept is then being ‘let go’as part of the staffing cuts…

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