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    This looks like some more encouraging news:

    Over 2,370 Wrexham businesses received emergency Welsh Government support during pandemic

    Rather timely as well, as we receive the news this morning that the Conservative mismanagement of the economy has plunged the UK into the deepest recession since records began.

    What was it that the Prime Minister said about business? Good to see a better attitude prevail in Wales.



    Only you could turn “encouraging news” on its head.
    I imagine you and Neverhard share a bedsit and talk doom, gloom and the red flag flying.

    So Henny-penny, Cocky-locky, Ducky-daddles, Goosey-poosey, Turkey-lurkey, and Foxy-woxy all went to tell the King the sky was a-falling.



    Recession, with 20% downturn not much good news for business.



    That’s true, this support was really intended to help business during the pandemic. Now the WAG may have to do even more to clean up after the UK office.

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