Welsh Government invests in Wrexham

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    WREXHAM is to benefit from a £6.2 million Welsh Government investment over the next three years. It includes £3.2 million for a new Welsh medium school in Gwersyllt and £2.7 million for a new joint ambulance and fire station in Wrexham town centre.



    new ambo station?

    Is that an admission that the Ruthin Rd is a mess, or was it planned all along to shift it?!



    I wonder where they will stick this new depot. I hope WCBC take their time in thinking this through and not stick it by a busy road.



    Someone mentioned the old Brother factory site but I think that has planning for houses. Somewhere off the Gresford roundabout would be ideal, giving easy access to the A483 and most areas of the Borough.



    They’ll probably stick it by the Sainsbury’s roundabout seen as it’s such a ghost town around there!!

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