Welsh Government Creates School Parent Face Wearing Mask Confusion

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    Regarding this article and guidelines reported on Wrexham.com

    Changes to face coverings policy in schools and colleges in Wales

    This states that new rules regarding parents picking up/dropping off children at Secondary schools and colleges are required to wear face masks. This does not also have the inclusion of primary schools (although it would have made sense to do so) and subsequently has created issues as usual.

    My local primary school has contacted parents stating that from tomorrow all parents dropping off/picking up should wear face masks as a safety precaution in accordance to government guidelines they have received directly.

    Of course because Facebook parent are experts at Devil in the Detail the mismatch of guidelines published and made available to the general public stating Face masks for parents of secondary school/college and those given to primary schools means that there are now parents arguing and disagreeing with the school because of conflicting advice given. No doubt there are probably similar arguments going on for primary schools up and down the country.

    Why can’t they just make rules simple, so that everyone can follow them and not have to argue about them and then compliance is easier and the spread goes down.



    As Mark Drakeford has said repeatedly “it’s not what I can do, it’s what I should do”
    It’s hardly a great imposition for any parent to don a facemask when collecting their children from school and in this instance the should follow the Headmaster’s direction and not be so bloody minded and immature.



    Direct quote from the article Matt refers to:

    “The guidance now states that face coverings should be worn…….by visitors to ALL schools and colleges, including parents and carers dropping off and picking up children”

    Where is there the ambiguity in that and how does it not include primary educational settings?



    I am guessing because the instance before it referenced secondary schools and colleges only. Then there was no explicit reference to Primary schools.

    Like I said the Facebook parent mob take devil in the detail to the extreme. It developed to quite a lively shouting match yesterday with the school being accused of being liars and forced to provide proof of the guidance they had received.

    Then it just descended into parent on parent bullying, baseless claims that only teachers were bringing Covid into schools and apparent fears of witch hunts against those exempt against wearing masks.

    It might have been clear to yourself Benjamin and to anyone with a sensible common sense view that a head teacher request is to be followed. But sadly the public guided rules have to be so explicit that even the most pig headed can’t argue with them. That’s just the way it is at the moment. Sad, I know when it directly concerns the safety of others, including children in the local community.

    There even had to be further sub clarification that the rules to parents wearing masks also applied to those picking their children up from the playgroup / childcare setting in the school as individuals did not consider that to be regular school. This is what has to be dealt with here – people really are not taking a common sense approach and are still looking for loopholes.



    It’s like a game to some people. I too like Matt have read some of these silly comments. So many ask others what the rules are rather than just checking them out for themselves. If they have the means to post on social media they should be able to access Gov.Wales website. Having said that WAG don’t always make guidelines simple to follow.

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