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    Rex Ham

    The rejoining of Wrexham County Borough Council and Flintshire Council will create an area akin to Clwyd County Council, which only a couple of dozen years ago was denounced as unworkable hence the separation.

    With the movement of the divisional police HQ to Llay and the ease of movement of the magistrates court to Hawarden or Mold. The huge complex of offices on the site of the old shire hall in Mold to serve the new Clwyd County Council, this will leave the new council time to concentrate on the roads out of Wrexham.



    Rexham – sorry you have forgotten that Denbighshire was part of the old Clywd County Council.
    Shire hall in Mold has already had large parts designated for demolition due to concrete cancer problems.
    The move of the main Police and custody suite will only effect a very small number of the public as there will still be a limited service in Wrexham. Any move to reorganizing the location f the Law Courts would again have a very limited impact on a small group of local people.



    The old Clwyd County Council will not be resurrected as Denbighshire has decided to join Conway. There is a possibility that the Welsh Assembly will finally decide on six County Councils rather than ten which could see a huge council made up of ,Wrexham,Flintshire,Denbighshire and Conway. Could that happen in reality ?



    The Williams Commission did not indicate any link between Flintshire /Wrexham and Denbighshire as the later is in a different European Funding zone and would have posed problem with the next round of funding coming on stream early next year.


    Rex Ham

    I used the word “akin” as defined by the Oxford English dictionary “of similar character”. Yes I am aware that the current Denbighshire Council formed part of the old Clwyd Council.

    Whilst “The move of the main Police and custody suite will only effect a very small number of the public” my point was made to indicate the loss of employment that moves LIKE these will have in Wrexham further reducing the footfall in town.

    Those on the wrong side of the law literally and figuratively, did not form part of my concerns!!!



    You are also forgetting that Clwyd had two tiers consisting of a county council (Clwyd) and district councils (e.g Wrexham Maelor Borough). If local government in Wales is reorganised it will result in larger and potentially quite remote unitary councils.



    Looks like Leighton Andrews the Minister responsibile for county reorganization read the riot act in his meeting with Council Members and Officers on Friday with the threat of Flintshire being the lead if Wrexham Council does not start talking. Lets hope that enough members of the public can be motivated to start getting their local Councilors to openly debate the issues rather than keeping it all behind closed door. Were is the transparency in Local Government. Not so long ago the Council launched the Wrexham together scheme yet who are they joining with as they are not taking to the public.
    Bring on the challenges to public and trust them to have views about their future.



    We have had public consultations about matters much less important than this. Neither the WAG or our council seem to want to engage with the public. No doubt the decision will be made behind closed doors or be imposed on us by the WAG.



    So much for voluntary mergers eh Mr Andrews?



    It is correct that in the days of Clwyd there was also District Council but unless I am mistaken in the dates there was no Welsh Government and the old Clwyd operated at a time with limited technology which is an important issue in looking at how any new stricture could operate across a larger geographical area..
    Wrexham Council was formed in 1996 and Welsh Government in 1998.. so the levels of tiers is now the same as Clwyd days.
    Lliam you have missed a point regarding voluntary mergers — all Local Authorities were given to the end of November to put forward proposals which could have financial rewards – of which only three pairs of counties submitted. At no time have the WG ever said that all the other counties that did not have a voluntary plan would not be brought together as proposed in the Williams Commission recommendations or other footprint arrangements.

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