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    If Cllr Mark Pritchard is advocating the webcasting of all scrutiny meetings to highlight disingenuous behaviour, then he is basically calling into question decisions made by councillors in the past (and even occurring now) and implying they may not have been in the best interests of the general public. Of course this could just be a political rouse to try and discredit his adversaries, but more transparency is always welcome.

    Now, this further calls into question the need for part 2 sections of meetings, as members of the public/press are excluded from the content of these in any way, shape or form. Is this an questioning of disingenuous behaviour an admission that part 2 meetings are an overwhelming abuse of public office to carry out biddings not in the best interests of Wrexham and effectively allowing the making of decisions without scrutiny from anyone.

    If it is the case that they wish to make all scrutiny public meetings webcast so people can see their local councillors working for them (or against) and remove disingenuous behaviour, then it is time that all part 2 sections of meetings were banned.


    Council Watcher

    It is understandable that there is a need for Part 2 on some occasions such as commercial sensitivity during negotiations but if these have been procured appropriately the awarding details of contracts should then appear on the Sell2Wales website. The occasion if it is to do with identifiable staff but generally this should never really occur apart from senior management wages – but this should not remain private as it is now good practice for businesses to disclose Sentir management remuneration -LA management should not be exempt.

    I wonder if they should get to a stage of ALL meetings and functions in the Guildhall being webcast – I wonder how many Council Members and Officers attended the farewell party for the Chief Executive — were there more Councilors at this event than normally attend the Executive meetings!!

    Cllr Peirchard is playing a two faced game here- even if as recimended bu the Chuief Legal Offucer Coiuncil Members should put there own recimndations forward and this changes a report going befire the Executuve — all that will happen is that the Executuve (who are the only ones who vote) will vite against the new Scruitiny recimendations and put their own amendments whuch would undotuably be those that the Lead Member wanted- a vite would take place then it will be 10/0 every occasion. No Executive will ever be seen to be accepting recommendations from those lesser Councillors who make up the largest number bit is totally ineffective in making change occur.

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