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    It will be interesting to see how this important public agenda is handled. Are these the conclusions of the working committees (Task & Finish) and others such as scrutiny committees that we should also see webcast?



    Task and Finish Groups tend to be done without the involvement of press and public, however it would be good if scrutiny committees made it onto the webcasting agenda as there are some pretty interesting debates there. I’ve sat in on a few Scrutiny Meetings that were more than deserving of being broadcast.

    Although going by a statement released by the Council earlier, the decision to review web casting and whether or not WCBC should fund it themselves is due in December.

    Next Week’s Executive Board & Planning Meeting To Be Webcast | Wrexham.com



    It was good to watch the Council meeting webcast today. All those who have made this possible are surely to be congratulated.

    Watching how the public aspects of Wrexham are run will hopefully open up all the issues that we face compared to other communities in the UK, and enable better recreational and community services, such as swimming pools and parks, and better health, education, and care for those as they age.

    The hundreds of pages for the meeting did not get much debate, and the duplication between paid council members and paid council officers becomes obvious, officers being kindly referred to as minders.

    This process costs millions of pounds, and while we want transparency and attention to local need, we also as a community need to ask what is the best use of money. The appointment of people to committees just because seats are on a committee rather than reporting the difference made and the benefit to the community is something that must surely change. How can we make a real difference to health overall, and to our local hospital ..

    Hopefully these broadcasts can be shown in community groups, whether in pubs, community councils, businesses, libraries …and the broad representation can contribute to the development of the future of Wrexham



    Just a minor point but turning off all microphones when members of the public clp. appalaude or moan really does take out the of actually being there. It was such a pity that the applause and cheer from the public gallery when the Plas Madoc decision was made warranted some acknowledgement.



    A bit like North Korea then. Can’t take the chance of the wrong type of emotion being showed.

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